Stop! Do not pass go! Do not collect 200$!

1) Do not view adult content if you are acting, either in actual employment or otherwise, as an agent, lawyer, or representative of any company, regardless of the nature of the company.

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6) Do not refer or provide a link directly to any adult content on this website to minors so the person can read the terms.

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8) Do not alter the content in any way.

There won't be any images with nudity on the site. Why even put this up then? You can never be too careful and I will cover just about any game on the site. There may be adult language, so I don't want minors causing trouble and even if they do, this will state that I have taken measures. Adult games will have their own section under all the other sections, should adult games exist for the platform. Of course, minors are still free to view all the other games that are not in the "Adult" section. Be forewarned that it ultimately is up to you to be responsible for your own actions. The site is not held accountable. Thank you. You will also get this prompt before clicking ANY game in the "Adult" section.

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