Aretha (The Super Famicom) [Roleplaying Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Rich and colorful visuals
- Lots of dialogue and a few sidequests
- Make your own equipment using the "Mixed Form"
- Has lots of BGMs
- An RPG that can be had for cheap
- Something that isn't published by Square or Enix
- Numerous characters to play with during your quest
- Magic is learned by using magic, not leveling up

- Music sounds too "samey"
- Too much dialogue makes the game feel slow
- Game is too easy due to the "Mixed Form"

Vyse States:
"Aretha is a competent RPG, even if it is too easy. The music is fairly generic, which is a shame since the game has a large list of music to choose from. The game design is relatively broken in terms of challenge, but RPG fanatics may "challenge" themselves with various plans (weak armor, no magic, etc.) to reduce or eliminate the issue. The game is long and slow in progression, but then again, some may prefer that style of progression. The game has decent visuals and the game is cheap. If I could start all over and I didn't have this game, I would still buy it. It's good the first time around, but it doesn't have much in the way of replayability."

Game Screenshots

Aretha for the Super Famicom Older Ariel after about 15 mins into the game and her pet dragon Fang. A powerful snowstorm!

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