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Conquest Of The Crystal Palace [Action Game]

A boy and his dog go up against THAT!?

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Kim's news is always so informative. What kind of chicken looks like that anyway?

Don't Eat Alfred Chicken. That Is All.

-General Information-
Version: U.S.
Year: 1990
Publisher: Asmik
Developer(s) and Others: Asmik, Quest
# of Players: 1
# of Saves: None
Estimated Market Value as of 06/15/2007: ---
Other Info: The company known as Quest was purchased by Square (Squaresoft/Square Enix) and no longer exists. This game is also known as "Matendo Douji".

This is one of those sleeper hits that people usually don't realize until they rediscover the NES several years after the game released. This is also the kind of game that deserved a sequel, yet never spawned one (As far as I know). Though the game looks like something that never made it stateside, rest assured that it did (The text is in English). You will take control of Farron, a boy who has a sword of fury and a heart of gold. Farron doesn't go anywhere without his awesome sidekick, Zap, his guardian dog! Together, a boy and his dog will rise to the call of duty and rid the world of the evil King Zaras and his henchmen.

The graphics are pretty good for 1990. A couple of things are pretty generic, but overall, its a job well done. Good color usage, cool little special effects here and there, neat stuff. You have some cool anime art with our shopkeeper babe, Kim. Kim also happens to run the QNN news station! The animation is pretty decent though I felt some things could have animated a little better, but this is the NES after all. The music has a nice oriental feel to it. The music definitely suits the environments and most of the tracks are upbeat. It shouldn't disappoint you.

As far as gameplay, you get a number of powerups. You can buy herbs to heal, get a jump boost, make the dog do a super attack (Must have a whistle), increase your jumping skills, and other various things. You can also have the dog fight by your side at any time...just watch his health gauge. The challenge is moderate and quite frankly speaking, the game is all around good. I can't find any truly bad things to say about it really. Pick it up, play it, and enjoy.

- Written by Vyse the determined -

Game Screenshots

What Lassie? There's a boy stuck in the well!? The real conquest begins once you hit start. One increases health, another increases jump, and one increases weaponry. Zap doesn't sound very oriental, but the dog proves his worth. Ride the dog and jump off his back for a jump boost. A girl who looks exactly like her also gives you news reports!

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