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GS Banner Archive

This is where various GS Banners can be found. Some are bad...and some are good. We love em' all though. This part of the site holds some of the memories of our site and just how far it has come. Some banners or images aren't in here because they are still being used (such as most of the system banners and the artwork banners for the art sections). We took down the banners because we wanted the pages to be the same (not because we didn't care about them) and some of the really old ones that were used for system banners...well, they weren't really banners at all. Remember when this site was just on a black screen with a screenshot from some game you probably never heard of as the main page banner? Remember when the collection section had a great (but unnecessary) Lagoon background with Nasir on it? Remember how our brains weren't working and me and Bel created individual collection pages when we could have just as easily produced a text version? Wow...me and Bel had to sit down and learn how to make this all happen. I miss those days sometimes...Bel doesn't though.



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