Devilish: The Next Possession ["Breakout" Style Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Decent graphics for an early Genesis title and Breakout style game
- Excellent soundtrack
- An interesting spin on Breakout with a few neat power-ups
- Extra paths and multiple endings help this version
- This version is two players

- "Pong Physics" are really off
- The Game Gear engine was fine, now it's tampered for the worst
- Game is a bit short

Vyse States:
"So which version should you get? I would personally
choose the Game Gear game because it just seems to be
more balanced. The Genesis game has nicer visuals and
sound, but the cluttered stage design and somewhat
broken physics of the game can get pretty annoying. The
Genesis game is fairly decent and good if you are seeking
more of a challenge, but Devilish is also short and easy
enough to get into. Therefore, Devilish for the Game Gear
just so happens to be the ideal choice for someone like
myself who is always on the go. Not only that, it's a fine
game in its own right. You may want to play the Game
Gear version before you set out to get the Genesis

Game Screenshots

Cool Title Screen y? What kind of a name is that!? The stages are pretty cool looking, but you'll be too busy trying to control the orb to notice.

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