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September 6th, 2008

You know, once upon a time, Paperboy would come around our parts and deliver me and the rest of the viewers on this site some news. He'd say something like "Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Some dumb bloke wrote an irrelevant article about a turkey sandwich!" or "Did you hear the news? Bill's Flea Market in VA was burned down!" or "Hey Mister, give me a tip and I'll throw this paper at that guy's dog for a few extra points!"... Those were the days... but Paperboy isn't around anymore. He got busted by cops for throwing that paper at that guy's dog... *sniff*. I... I knew I shouldn't have put him up to it... I knew he was gonna get caught by the po-po. The dog suffered serious injuries from a blow to the head and severe paper cuts. Even after what I did, he never ratted me out. He's a hardcore trooper... I'M SORRY MAN... I'M SORRY! After the incident, nobody wanted to bring papers our way anymore and Vtd was PO'ed, but now we all can rejoice. Papergirl decided to come and bring us the news again; riding down the streets in her daisy dukes, tempting people with her feminine wiles. It'll take some time to adjust to her... but this is my time for redemption, and your time to get what you haven't gotten in a long time; New GS News articles. It's a SUPER FEATURE!

- A Smorgasbord of Wowtivity -

I couldn't update this section without talking about the Beijing Olympics this year... don't ask me why, it's just a complete and utter impossibility. I mean come on, there were so many highlights, so many broken records, so many silly questions asked, and lots of controversy. It... was... super... omega... EXTREMELY... AWESOME! Woot! Well, it may not have meant much to major speculators, but ah well. Now that I got that out of my system, some of my favorite highlights were:

There are a lot of really cool titles to have in this world. The strongest men in the world can probably snap the faint of heart in two just by looking at them the wrong way and have a power level of OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAAND!!!!! The smartest people in the world can either use their creative genius to further the advances of mankind for the common good, build useless and potentially creepy things like Sega's Emma robot, become evil mad scientists or out-geek even some of the most prolific nerds, just to name a few things. The most beautiful people in the world can be absolute egoists and the majority of the people on the planet Earth would still want to make out with them and have their babies. Those are just a few examples... but one of the coolest titles to have is to be the FASTEST. Can you just imagine a human becoming so fast that they can challenge a Jaguar to a race? Well, we might not see anything like that outside of Science Fiction, but being called a human blur is admittedly cool.

Jamaica's Usain Bolt broke records and shattered already faulty myths when he went to the 2008 Beijing Olympics and is currently the fastest man in the world. Now, I don't know what kind of research all the supposed paid professionals conducted to reach their conclusion about human limitations and I don't pretend to know all the prerequisites, science, and legal mumbo-jumbo involved, but who cares? Man, that guy is FAST. Just picture this; he can run 100 meters in way less time than it takes for Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex for the PS2 to load between levels. Need a more relatable analogy? Then he can do this task in less time than it takes the average individual to boil a pot of water. You can't look me with a straight face and tell me that's not impressive. If you somehow manage to, then get out... now. The guy runs 100 meters in under ten seconds.

The Maryland-born Michael Fred Phelps was quite possibly the star of the show in Beijing. He's won a record breaking number of gold medals for one individual (surpassing Mark Spitz) and the guy is hardly any older than I am. Diagnosed with Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in his youth, Phelps became a swimmer in part due to his sisters and as an outlet for all his energy, and look where he is now! He's received millions in endorsements and is the envy of the world now. He even stood with the president (Bush), even though I don't see that as all too flattering, on Phelps part anyway (must of been a blast for Bush). Micheal Phelps certainly brought a lot of excitement to the Olympics. I'll have to learn about his eating habits and exercise routine to bulk up a little more. I'm actually a little flattered knowing that I used to live in Maryland. Now I can say "Hey! I used to live in the state Michael Phelps was born in!"

I don't care what anyone says; if you're drawing controversy, then you're doing something right, because people are NOTICING you... just like those little Chinese girls in Beijing! If I were a few years older, some of those girls look young enough to be my daughter. A youthful appearance is usually considered a good thing, but it can signal broken rules at the Olympics. Three girls (He Hexin, Jiang Yuyuan, and Yang Yilan) are suspected of being under the minimum age limit of sixteen, which draws up huge consequences for various, understandable reasons. They never investigated deep enough to prove anything as of this writing (just a bunch of unproven allegations) and I'd suspect that there were a few strings attached to the whole thing, but what do I know anyway? All I know is that they shouldn't post a bunch of young girls photos all over the Internet... it's a great hunting ground for predators to snatch up the naive. Remember kids; only the strong survive on the Interweb.

- In Mother Russia, you don't drive Tank, Tank drive you! -

I was irked when I heard about this. Not long after my brother writes good things about Ganbare Golby and Mikhail Gorbachev, Georgia gets in a sort of Cold War with Russia! Now the U.S. might REALLY have to get used to hearing Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky's famous "1812 Overture" for a while. So far, things seem to be very uncertain and talks are mostly in-house, with a few details being leaked to the American public every so often out of pity. When I heard about it, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was like "April Fools was a few months back." Now, I pray for the citizens of Georgia. I hope Russia pulls completely out soon... they wouldn't want us to rewrite our Factory Panic article. We'll do it-- we ain't horsin' around! Russia would make a lot of pixel characters like Little Hughie very unhappy! You won't like us when Segaville is angry! Okay, seriously, that war needs to end... the U.S. is already bleeding financially as it is with the war in Iraq.

- Me love you long time? -

Geez, I really hate ripping Sega up these days, but they keep giving me reasons to with stuff like this! I want to scream like Stewie from Family Guy... Sega has made an electronic robot girlfriend called Emma, and it has to be one of the craziest things those guys have ever come up with. Weighing in at approximately $175 USD and only being a fraction as cute as Tokiko "Key" Mima, you can purchase yourself a 15-inch girlfriend who kisses on demand, hands out business cards, sings, and dances. Targeted towards a very important group of individuals (lonely grown men), this automaton is meant to help men emotionally and acts as a companion, satisfying their basic needs. You lonely? Just put your head down and lock lips with Emma as she engages you with her hot, steamy "Love Mode". It's guaranteed to light any lonely otaku's heart on fire!

Okay guys, while this may be a cheaper alternative to having a real girlfriend, please don't buy into this. Most guys already know how to solve problems that Emma can't by doing nothing more than renting a movie or watching Pay-Per-View and... well, do that thing we do. This is not going to help anyone that I can think of (and thankfully, I'm already taken) and it doesn't even begin to qualify as real companionship like, say, your pet. I might have been a little tempted if it looked like Hatsune Miku and was five feet tall, but this thing? Pssh, forget it. Once they start making robots with real biological parts, real intelligence, a human soul (or a "Marionette Maiden Circuit", it's the next best thing) and start calling them humans, then I might buy a robot. Besides, can't you do a lot of the same things with Emma that you do with big boy toys action figures? Ugh, I think I'll stop planting more disturbing images in my reader's heads and my own.

One thing Emma DOES tell me is that the overall breakdown in true human communication with the advances of technology and the unwillingness to talk to people and other countries is worst than I thought. Emma is interesting technology going down a potentially dark and scary place where no one should want to go. Sega might hit it big with this... if they're looking for a great career in the nudy industry. Oh, and Sega might wanna make one for women, like a "Tickle-Me-Tarzan" who burps and scratches his behind on demand. I can see "sexist" stamped all over Emma's rooty patootie.

Written By: Bel Cain The Eternal
Delivered By: Papergirl


An oldie, but a goodie.

Click Image For
Large Image

March 31st, 2008

Today, we have a double feature! One is serious; One is not-so-serious.

- Ziff Davis Media Files Bankruptcy -

Nowadays, I'm not much of a game magazine reader. I don't care about the new magazines that give you their multi-page articles on games like Dragon Quest VIII or sing their high praises for games like Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core. Nowadays, I (Vyse) find a lot of magazines to be average and uninteresting (though I will occasionally read the interesting read). I have nothing against today's writers; they have what I and everyone else have...opinions that mean more to some than they do to others. Nowadays, there are so many First Person Shooters, RPGs, Remakes of older games...hell, so much everything, that most of it just seems the same to me. This does not mean that I don't find new games awesome; It just means that I feel that I don't need a magazine to inform me about games that I've already come to know after so long. Video Games have been around for a while now and with the internet, there isn't a demand for printed magazines anymore.

However, back in the eighties, magazines were an incredible thing to see. Ziff Davis Media does a lot of things, so when I heard that they had recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, I was stunned. ZDM is also in charge of EGM, or Electronic Gaming Monthly, a magazine that I used to think was awesome. Hearing that they filed for bankruptcy made me go and pull out one of their earliest magazines from 1989. Like nearly everything from the eighties, the magazine was full of cheesy ads and the clothing was totally rad and while I thought it was hilarious, the magazine itself had such enthusiasm and heart.

People were excited to no end about the Super Nintendo when it wasn't officially out yet and by the way they talked about it, I felt like their jaw was on the floor the whole time I was reading. They loved all the various "tricks" that the SNES was capable of and how great it was. I don't even think that people get as excited as they did back then now. While there were obviously some excited folks, I don't think people were nearly as excited when the Xbox 360, PS3, or Wii was coming out. Technology has gotten so advanced that the "tricks" that SNES was doing back then mean absolutely nothing now. I guess that people have just come to expect technology to get increasingly more advanced, whereas in the past, every little advancement in technology was a groundbreaking achievement. I remember when the Sega CD and Turbografx-16 (or in this case, the Turbo CD attachment) were revolutionary because they used the storage space of CDs for high quality audio and other things. I also remember when magazines considered the lock-on technology of Sonic & Knuckles godly.

I was also viewing some Nintendo Power magazines from the eighties (yes, I'm aware that it isn't from ZDM) and they had illustrations, news, and all sorts of things. Sure, magazines still have many of those things, but everything just feels so commercialized. It just doesn't feel the same anymore. I just use the internet for most of my information needs now, but this news is a tribute to Ziff Davis Media, EGM, and others who publish magazines (even Game Informer, though I don't exactly like the mag).

- And Just When You Thought You've Seen It All -

I'm sure you've heard about this. If you haven't, you'll wish you never did. Two sisters from Virginia sell a CORN FLAKE for over a grand on eBay. Hmm...OH! I forgot to tell you! Did you know that the corn flake is shaped like the state of ILLINOIS!? When I (Vyse) read about this, I think of just how disappointing life is. I'm happy that the sisters got a big load of cash, but as ruined as the U.S. economy is, sometimes I just want to shake my fist at someone who would buy a piece of breakfast cereal for over a grand (according to CNN, $1,350). I mean, at least for that price, he should have gotten the WHOLE box of cereal. To think...if I start grabbing miscellaneous doodads lying around the house or on the street that resemble important real-life land structures or important historical things, I could make a killing!

It's so ridiculous that something like a corn flake can be sold for unrealistic sums of money, and at the same time, it's disappointing to me because this sort of thing is becoming more and more commonplace in today's society. At any rate, make sure you eat your food VERY slowly...you might accidentally consume a winning lottery ticket.

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

It's 2008 already...

February 7th, 2008

Most people around the world are welcoming the New Years with open arms, but along with the New Years comes New Years resolutions. What are your New Years resolutions? Have you even thought about them? Whatever the case may be, here are Vyse and Bel's goals for this New Year; The "Fashionably" late edition:

Site Related
- Expanding articles with more written content
- Expanding each article with more features
- Expanding most articles with more images
- Expanding General Gaming Interests with more features
- Buying the rest of the things we need for the site
- Further archiving information in the future
- Making more Other News
- Gathering photos for locations mentioned on the site
- Taking some more collection photos
- Possibly making another website/blog
- Make less promises we can't keep
- Outlining possibilities for GS contests and events
- Make more artwork
- More articles for current GS entries before opening new entries

Non-Site Related (Vyse)
- Getting a better paying job
- Pushing physical fitness into overdrive (moderately fit already)
- Getting a more reliable means of transportation
- Going back to older classics (avoiding Nintendo DS right now)
- Help Nephew get through school
- Go back to making music and writing lyrics
- Spending less time on the internet
- Keeping away from creepy web forums
- Spend time learning new things and expanding Japanese knowledge

Non-Site Related (Bel)
- Getting a better paying job
- Looking into future business ventures
- Looking for individuals who share similar interests (gaming)
- Watching "I Am Legend"
- Never going to another Anime convention
- Possibly going back to making music
- Spending more time with girlfriend
- More stuff when I can think of it

Now there's probably a few more things that can be added to that list, but it's a pretty good start for what we should be striving for this year. We hope to exceed our expectations this year since we are working with significantly more utilities and options than last year. Still, we can't really promise anything...that's life, right? Later.

Fireworks image found here.

Written By: Vyse and Bel
Delivered By: Paperboy

The Salvation Army

August 14th, 2007

Hello all! It's that time again! For my site visitors, you'll get to know another one of the places where I get my classic games. Tada! This is "Vyse's Gaming Hotspots: Volume 3!". I like going to The Salvation Army stores. You search around and find cool trinkets and there is always something of interest. I actually bought the Double Dragon comic book (Shown in earlier news) from one of the Salvation Army stores. As you might expect, you can also find games there too...pretty rare games at that. To find anything game related, you often have to dig around all over the place. In all my experiences with The Salvation Army, the games were always cheap and you can find many great bargains.

The thing I like the most about The Salvation Army is that your money is used for various good causes. I have found better games at other places, but I like to help out whenever I can. It's always a good thing to know that you can buy things you like and also help someone in need. Some of the good things that The Salvation Army has done lately:

The Salvation Army Responds to Utah Mine Disaster

Salvation Army Raises Nearly $40,000 to Assist Those Impacted by Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Salvation Army Brings Relief Following Flooding in Winnebago County, Ill.

As with all places, you can't just go in and expect to get something great everytime you enter. However, due to how big The Salvation Army chains are, they tend to get more merchandise than smaller thrift stores. Don't misunderstand me, you should always check those small ones out too, but pay The Salvation Army stores a visit too. Even if you don't find games, you will spot lots of other nice items that are usually at very reasonable prices...and it's for a good cause. You can't lose.

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

Oh the great thing of the sandwich!

July 17th, 2007

Paperboy's Strange Articles: Volume 1!

Yes folks, I've done some talking to Paperboy and he had a couple of interesting articles to show me. It's just something to break the trend and a great way to get away from the last news. Here is Volume 1!

Image is from here.

Volume 1: "Sandwich to be that of which is to be consumed by such as I"

Ah...sandwich. For great justice, I create enigmatic algorithm by which to make benevolent sandwich. First step is a sad one. Forlorn hungry mortal must wander the land in search of fresh food stuffs. I say with much thanks, that stuffs can nicely be had at a market of super standing. If stuffs ten or less, faster you will obtain stuffs, journey less unforgiving. Now we reach the destination, the second step must be cleared for entry to Nirvana, aka the sandwich. Grr...a hindrance! I need the sun's wrath, the heat, to be in my possession for bread stuffs in my inventory. Thanks be to great ones, toaster becomes the friend of man. It is in the process of toasterization that bread once soft becomes the toast. Heat, once it rises, bread becomes unstable, now toast. Not important the temperature necessary to hard the bread, all that needs thought is that of great toast. Not one toast, but two is required for sandwich that only just begun.

Acquisition of the mayonnaise is possible, however, I like instead to spread the miracles of the whip. Oh joy! Miracle Whip which cures that which is the hunger when combined with toast that is aforementioned, yet still much work is needed to level up to status of which is the sandwich. Knowledge is the power, more exp. is needed. The sandwich developed by me requires the meat of turkey. With the turkey alone, the meat becomes lonely. Turkey's friend which it holds dear happens to be that of cheese. Pilfered from the animal due to its delicious zest, we mass produce many fine the cheeses. Together, cheese and turkey become more better when dancing side by side with the fruit vegetable tomato and lettuce green. All together, they become one with the miracle, thus legendary. Sandwich is now born for great justice. Sandwich to be that of which is to be consumed by such as I.

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

NES Reproductions

July 9th, 2007

While doing my usual research, I stumbled upon a couple of prototypes and such. I will say as of this news that I will try to get as much information regarding prototypes as I can because I want to discuss what I will call "The Lost Games" on this site...HOWEVER, that is not the purpose of this news. I heard of a site called NES REPRODUCTIONS and the site is very interesting to say the least. Some of you may know, others may not. This is a site specializing in reproducing not so much old games, but old games that weren't released in the U.S. as well as prototype carts. What exactly does this mean? Take for instance...Glory of Hercules 2. The game was never released in the U.S., but suppose you could get your hands on a English copy? THAT'S GREAT! .....Actually, it isn't that great.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against NES REPRODUCTIONS. After all, the idea of having a tangible English copy of a game that was never officially released comes as good news to me. There are few people skilled in this sort of craft. The problem is HOW the site does it. It's not that they aren't professionally made...on the contrary, if they were bootleg and lacked quality, I wouldn't care to have a tangible version because it would be no better than any standard pirate you could find anywhere. The problem is that it hurts the professional men and women who went through so much trouble to translate some of them and distribute their work free of charge to the gaming world.

I spoke with a few people about this, and looking back in retrospect, I share their sentiment. This is a matter of morals. This a matter of ethics. I don't think NES REPRODUCTIONS means any harm. They do deserve to be paid for the extensive labor that goes into making these fine carts. However, maybe they (and sites like them as more than one exists) deserve to compensate the original ROM translators in some way...even if it's just by contacting them and saying thank you. Translators take great pride in their work and most "real" translators make very high salaries. If "you guys" (not just NESR, but all who do this) did the translations yourselves, you would be as gods in my eyes, but you probably didn't.

The fact that people are willing to use their creative genius to make games easier to understand and more universally available to the public...not to mention that they take time out of their everyday lives to provide you with something FREE...it has personal value to many translators. NES REPRODUCTIONS, GameReproductions, and all others...if you are reading this, do not take this as an attack on you. I am referring to all sites that do your line of work. I can't make you take back what you have already done, but if you are as considerate and credible as I hope you are, please give credit where credit is due. Until next time.

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

Another place I get the goods

June 10th, 2007

Hello all! It's that time again! For my site visitors, you'll get to know another one of the places where I get my classic games. Tada! This is "Vyse's Gaming Hotspots: Volume 2!". I have been going to this next store for quite a while now. They don't seem to know the value for most things so even ultra cheap games might cost about 8-10$. However, if you know what you are looking for, you can get some sweet deals on some great stuff. I bought Metal Warriors complete with box and manual for 8$ as well as Armored Core: Project Phantasm for $10 and lots of other great deals. They do carry retro stuff...even stuff for Sega Saturn and Sega CD on occasion so they are a good place to check periodically.

They don't seem to really carry any imports. I might have seen one or two, but it's okay. That's not their specialty really. In my experiences with them, however, they seem to carry a lot of NES games. The staff is pretty friendly as far as I know and you may find something of interest. I don't know if they have other locations elsewhere, but if you live in VA, you may want to give them a try. Here's the information on the business card:



(757) 497-5073
NOTE: This location no longer exists...
it was maliciously burned down by an
arsonist. You gotta love losers like that...

(757) 547-7577

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

Double Dragon from Marvel Comics

May 20th, 2007

I went to a thrift store a couple of weeks back and found a couple of Atari games, but my brother was in the book section of the store and he happened to find this one comic. Yes, it was one of the Double Dragon comic books and while we don't really like comic books all that much, this is interesting because it is game related. I can't tell you how many people in my area consider Double Dragon a classic, and this is an interesting entry to the site because while many people love Double Dragon, not many people knew it had comic books behind it. It is published by Marvel Comics and I think the comic is surprisingly cool. It sure as heck has more plot than the games ever did! The comic in the picture is Volume 1, No.2 and was released in August of 1991. This comic also mentions that Captain America (At the time) was around for fifty years. Captain America started out in 1941 according to the cover...good stuff.

As stated in the first page of the comic: "There is a gift of great power, granted to worthy defenders in the endless battle against evil. The gift is called the Dragon Force. Its previous guardian, Sensei, passed the gift to these men, James and William Lee. They are the first twins ever to possess the Dragon Force. In their hands, the Dragon's awesome power is DOUBLED. Sensei had planned to spend the next several years instructing the brothers in the subtleties of the Dragon Force's uses. Fate, however, has other plans..."

I don't want to give away any more as to not spoil it, but I actually enjoyed reading the comic...even if it is only about thirty pages long. The brothers are also know as Jimmy and Billy Lee, which are their more commonly used names. If my memory is correct, there was also a cartoon based on Double Dragon. For a time, Double Dragon was really popular. It might not be as popular as it was then (I could be wrong), but If Marvel Comics took a shine to it, it was definitely good for something! Sometimes I wonder where certain games or franchises would be if they were still in existence today...

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

This is one of my gaming hotspots

The Main Store

Click Logo For
Large Image

April 30th, 2007

Many people swear up and down that I get some truly awesome games and at great prices (most of the time), but nobody knows where exactly it is that I go. Well, for you site visitors, you'll get to know one of the places where I get my classic games. Tada! This is "Vyse's Gaming Hotspots: Volume 1!". I haven't been going here nearly as long as some of the spots I hit up throughout the city on a regular basis, but they've already proved that they've got the goods to spark my gaming curiosity. I've found such hot items as Japanese imports (Stone Walkers, Click Medic, etc.) to even U.S. Sega CD memory cards (complete in the box)! I even got EVO: Search for Eden from this nifty little shop. Like any store of this kind however, time is of the essence, and you can't expect to find 100 coveted titles every time you go.

So why am I talking about them? Every time I go into this store...it's like a ghost town inside. If it isn't me and my brother in there, it's MAYBE 1 or 2 other customers for hours at a time, or so it seems. That place can do much better. People are always asking for more "retro" game shops like these, and you may be shocked to know that there are many more reasonable shops out there besides the Digital Press store in New Jersey. Thing is, people clammer about these places and then don't support their cause, and emulation doesn't help matters. These great shops have a tendency to die out, so PLEEEEAAASSSEEE go take a look if you're in Virginia, or happen to be somewhere near. I know many people I chat with on forums who LIVE in VA and don't know about these places. I'm telling you NOW. GO THERE. AT LEAST ONCE. I can almost PROMISE you that you won't regret it. If you have something you don't want, sell it to em. If you're lucky, you'll pick up some of MY games. I sold games like Romancing SaGa (Super Famicom) and most of the major first-party SNES games (Zelda, Metroid, Mario, etc.) not too long ago. I may sell more. Heck, you may even meet me and we can become gaming buds (maybe not). Finally, if you can't read what's on the right, here's the information on the business card. Give em a call:



TELEPHONE (757) 216-5369
*^This is the store I go to.


TELEPHONE (757) 717-4529

Wanna know more of my gaming hotspots? Nope, sorry...at least not in this update! I hit up numerous locations though, so you'll probably hear more of my shopping exploits. I really gotta thank Paperboy too, as this news wouldn't be possible without his output to my input. More later.

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

This is the first mulit-cart I've seen for Game gear, though there could be more...

April 22nd, 2007

Today's topic of discussion is about a most unusual game. I'm used to seeing Game Boy pirate carts in this day and age, but never in all my years have I heard of a Game Gear pirate cart! This is a multi-cart. For those who don't know, a mulit-cart is a game cart that has multiple games stored on one cart. Mulit-carts usually have games that are made by many different companies, the creators of the multi-carts have "bootleg" versions of original games, and some pirates don't give credit to the original creators at all. In fact, pirates that don't give credit to the creators take the original creators name off of the title screen!

The number of games that are stored on pirate mulit-carts vary greatly, but I don't tend to trust any that have more than 20 games on them. Reason being, carts that promise over one hundred games or fifty (or more than one hundred) usually have "repeating" games. For instance, let's say that you buy a 24-in-1 and one of the games is Mortal Kombat 2. One game will be titled "Mortal Kombat 2". Fair enough. Another will be titled "Mortal Combat 2". Yet another will be titled "Mortal Man 2". One more will be called "Mortal Combo 2". All of the aforementioned games are Mortal Kombat 2, but the cart fools you into thinking that you will get 24 unique games. I can't say that all multi-carts above 20 tend to be bad. You should be wary of ALL pirate carts. Don't go saying that I said anything 20 and below should be fine! I have run into a 52-in-1 for NES that's fantastic with 52 unique games. It's labeled 52 Games and that pirate cart is one of the main reasons I started collecting in the first place.

This cart is called "Supreme Gear 19-in-1" and the games are as follows: Fifa Soccer, NBA Jam T.E., Say La Moon S (Sailor Moon S), Columns, Woody Pop, Pango (It's Pengo), Bubble Bobble (Dubs itself "Super Bubble Bobble". A horrible version), Dr. Hello (It's Dr. Mario except it says Dr. Hello where Dr. Mario should be!), Tennis (Super Tennis), Galaga, Coplifter (It's actually Choplifter), Astro Flash (...Transbot? Maybe a version in another region?), Hang On, Bomb Jack (More or less), Soccer (Champion Soccer, 1984), Monaco GP (1983), Lode Runner (Championship Lode Runner! Different from any version I've played!), Drol (Cute music...but I've never heard of this), and Exerion. While this cart could have been better than what it was, it has 19 unique games and it has made me witness a couple of classics I've never played before...and made me experience the worst Bubble Bobble ever. Till next time!

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

Crunchyroll has lots of neat videos!

April 16th, 2007

Hello all! I've been talking to Paperboy and I convinced him to talk to the press to give me a hookup on a new piece of news! As some may know, I am quite well traveled and I know all kinds of people. During the course of my travels, I met a fellow whose real name I won't reveal without permission, but he happens to be one of the people on Crunchyroll.com. His name over there happens to be OreoCookie1169 and I know him in person. Great fellow. I visited Crunchyroll and happened to know that there was a topic that wanted to thank him for some great uploads of Asian Drama. I feel that he deserves at least that much and anyone saying otherwise shouldn't even say anything at all.

One of the more interesting movies he showed me was "Monkey King", based on ancient Chinese folklore (I believe it's based on "Saiyuki" or "Journey West"), with the hero being Son (Son Gokuu or Son Wukong in other places). Ring any bells? It should, because Dragonball is also based loosely on the old tale. Being a gamer who plays things across many different platforms, things like Chinese legends, Japanese beliefs/culture , and anime are almost impossible for me to avoid. Because of this, I happen to learn many strange and unusual things. I also happen to know a thing or two about literature, though it may not seem like it. At any rate, I first learned of Saiyuki by playing a Playstation game called "Saiyuki: Journey West". The game is published by Koei and it is a fair strategy RPG that is relatively uncommon. Koei is a company that specializes in making many games based on factual historical events, folklore, and fictional fantasy drama. They mostly focus on ancient history. See games such as Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liberty or Death, P.T.O., Bandit Kings of Ancient China, Dynasty Warriors, and several others. Till later, this is Vtd. I'll be seeing Paperboy sometime in the near future as Paperboy now travels down my route. Maybe I can get a regular subscription?

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

One of Sanrio's most lovable creations.

April 11th, 2007

Well, it's been a while, but it's back! Today, I'm going to talk about a lovable character who, along with some friends, have spawned several cartoons, games, and fashionable accessories. The kitty you see to the right is none other than Hello Kitty, one of the most lovable characters ever created. It's surprising how well Hello Kitty merchandise sells in the U.S. since she never really had much exposure over here. I remember channel surfing one time and Sanrio (The creators of "Hello Kitty and Friends") actually made a daring attempt to bring some of her cartoons stateside. As I expected, it was removed from the air almost as quickly as it came. Despite how poorly the cartoon did in the U.S. (IIRC), they make toys, movies, gift bags, handbags, stickers, and more from Hello Kitty and they sell quite well.

You might be asking yourself: "Why does it sell so well when few even care to know what Hello Kitty is?" I went around and asked some people in my area why they like Hello Kitty stuff so much and you know what they told me? "I didn't even know who she was or how famous she is until you told me. All I knew is that she's adorable!". There you have it. My hypothesis is that it's selling merely due to kawaii power. In case you don't know, "kawaii" is a popular Japanese term for "cute". What most ordinary people don't know is that Sanrio has been around for a LONG time. Even the kitty herself is old...she shouldn't be a little girl, she should be a full grown woman (or Cat woman) by now. To give you an idea, she stars in Famicom games and such. She stars in a large number of games that are generally geared for children (with some actually being pretty enjoyable to adults as well). One of my favorite games based on Hello Kitty is "Hello Kitty: Cube Frenzy" for the Sony Playstation. I absolutely abhor the Game Boy Color game. Hello Kitty even appears in RPGs! Yes, it's true. One of the earliest Game Boy Color games was a Sanrio game called "Sanrio Timenet" (1998), which is a monster catching RPG similar (But not exactly like) Pokemon. If you thought that the little kitten on your daughter's bag just made her earn cool points from her peers at school, think again. Kitty has more history than most realize.

Sanrio was founded in 1960 and Hello Kitty is one of their earliest creations. For more, go to Sanrio's webpage.

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

The analog could use some work...

March 22nd, 2007

C-Live the Entertainer submitted the pic on the right. At any rate, I looked at the PSP yesterday and wondered why Sony made the analog the way they did. I wonder if it would have been better if they made it like Neo-Geo Pocket's stick. For those who don't know, Neo-Geo Pocket was a portable handheld that was made around 1999. It had great fighters on it like Last Blade and SNK vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium. I thought that thing had a great stick and with some slight modifications, I feel it could have made a good PSP analog replacement. The stick wasn't big, so they could still make it a little smaller and add two analog sticks (As the complaint going around is that it lacks a second analog stick for camera rotation and the like).

While I'm not too fond of a lot of their products because I found them faulty and unreliable, I have this one Pelican brand controller for PS2 that interested me. Its two analog sticks are significantly smaller than normal and rotate very smoothly. The analog sticks themselves were surprisingly effective, though the buttons were stiff and not entirely responsive. Still, the sticks may have done wonders for the PSP as well. Maybe people should submit these kinds of ideas to Sony (though they probably don't give a rat's...) to help them boost the functionality of the PSP. I think it would benefit everyone. Anyway, just some food for thought. If my scanner were working, I could've scanned the pelican controller, though a quick search on Yahoo! or Google will probably yield some Neo-Geo Pocket pics and its joystick. Till next time, this is me and Paperboy signing out.

Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

Rest in peace old friend

March 17th, 2007

This piece of news is in honor of Gunpei Yokoi.

It's been a while, but I've been busy with a lot of things both work and family related. While fighting the battle of everyday life in the foreground, I began thinking about one of gaming's old heroes in the background. If you are new to gaming yet you have a strong appreciation for Nintendo (whether it be the old NES or the Nintendo DS), then it would do you a whole world of good to know who the man in the image is. He joined Nintendo when it was in it's earliest stages and some say he saved the company from going bankrupt long ago when Nintendo was a mere shell of it's former self. His name: Gunpei Yokoi. While I could sit here and tell you why he's legendary, this can tell you more.

I want to express my appreciation in my own words. Gunpei is a mysterious character. Not much is known about his past, but he seemed like a determined guy...much like myself. Even when the Virtual Boy turned out to be a disaster, he stuck with his idea till the very end. I am saddened that his dream was never realized. The original concept of the Virtual Boy (or so I was often told) is that Yokoi wanted to immerse the user in a world filled with vibrant colors that brought out the imagination from deep within the user. He truly wanted to create a parallel gaming world that looked three dimensional. If Gunpei were still alive, we could be experiencing all sorts of fun and innovative ideas. Don't get me wrong. Nintendo of today is doing a fantastic job in his absence and they should keep up the good work. Some may say that he hasn't been dead long enough to make him a legend. Even so, if he was capable of such outside-the-box ideas about a decade ago, imagine what he could do now? Technology has far surpassed anything from a decade ago.

Just some food for thought. Rest in peace old friend...and to everyone else, see you soon.

image is from: www.qj.net
Written By: Vyse the determined
Delivered By: Paperboy

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