Krion Conquest, The [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Is it Mega Francesca or Doropie Gaiden?
- Decent audio, slightly better in the Japanese Version
- Decent graphics, even if they seem too familiar
- More games should have cool female heroines
- Starting with all your powers and making strategies is fun but...

- ...switching powers via menus every few seconds isn't that fun
- Ninja Gaiden enemy respawning syndrome...tis grand
- No continues in the U.S. game, only in the JPN release
- Story is butchered in the U.S. game, but neat in the JPN release
- Final Boss in the U.S. game has a lot more stamina than necessary
- Arguably middle-ground overall for a early ninties NES release

Vyse States:
"If you thought games like Ninja Gaiden were frustrating,
you should probably give this game a may have a
whole new outlook on video games. The Krion Conquest is
a game that I feel is more trouble than it's worth. I tried
hard to like this see what fascinated me so much
about this game in the first place, but to no avail. This is
one game starring a female heroine that you'll want to
steer clear of, though to be fair, it's Japanese counterpart
is a more noteworthy game and worth a look if you can
find it. Otherwise, just get Mega Man or some other more
balanced action platformer. Try other Vic Tokai releases
like Trouble Shooter (Genesis) and Clash at
Demonhead (NES)."

Bel States:
"This is a game where I can agree to disagree with Vyse
a little more, but only a little. This game is's not
that great and I think the timing is off being released
pretty far into the NES' life, but the game is playable.
I don't think anyone will argue however that Magical
Doropie is superior to the Krion Conquest."

Game Screenshots For The Krion Conquest

Title Screen The Krion Empire, huh? I wonder if Dr. Wily is involved somehow? That robot looks so darn familiar...*Cough-Wily-*Cough*

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