Kick Master [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Detailed graphics with excellent enemy and boss design
- Great Castlevania-esque tunes
- Your hero has a wide variety of kick attacks; Some of which
  may boggle your mind
- 12 different spells besides your various kick attacks
- RPG-style gameplay where you level up to grow stronger
  by defeating enemies and gaining experience
- Decent length for an NES action title
- Everything can be kicked; there are no exceptions

- Controls may seem loose at first
- Game is considered hard by some
- Beginners might find themselves constantly going
  into the magic select menu to heal
- A few spells aren't really needed (though you
  are not forced to use them)
- Chuck Norris should have been a secret character or something

Vyse States:
"All jokes aside, Kick Master is a fantastic game that veterans and newcomers
alike may enjoy. I found the game to be challenging, but not pull-my-hair-out
frustrating and that is a good thing. With nice graphics, nice sound, and
gameplay that kicks many other NES action titles into the stratosphere, Kick
Master is a classic that is unknown, but shouldn't be forgotten."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen If I keep going along this beaten path, I'll eventually find Belzed. YIKES! That witch can create flames! No worries though...My furious feet will take care of that!

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