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The ALMIGHTY Genesis!Video Game Reviews: Genesis/Mega Drive

Sega Genesis, known as 16-bit gold or simply "Genny", is loads of fun. The Sega Genesis is also considered one of the greatest systems of all time. It's said to possess a weak import library as opposed to many other systems. Uses hardware that has fairly limited color usage as well as what is considered to be a weak sound chip (Though you can still get excellent music and visuals out of this limitation). The beauty is in the eyes and ears of the beholder. Uses what's known as "Blast Processing", a term used to describe its powerful processor. Genesis games tend to be cheaper than SNES games, though SNES games can also be found for cheap (though more work is required). GS has also been looking for noteworthy vidoes that showcase just a little of what this system can do. Please don't click the video if you don't want to see it! Pick it up, plug it up, and have fun with your Sega Genesis!

~GS Genesis/Mega Drive Video Pick~

Action Games (Which includes Platformers, Run N' Gun,etc.)

Adventure Games (Which includes Text Adventures)

Puzzle Games

Roleplaying Games & Strategy Games (Which include Action/RPGs)

Shooters (Includes First-Person,Hori,Vert,etc )

Sports (Does not include Racing games)

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