Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen [Text Adventure/ Cooking Simulation]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Bright, colorful, and easy to get into
- Fair enough graphical presentation, though nothing special
- Lots of interaction with things in the environment
- You get to COOK
- Great for collectors (scarcity is relatively high)
- Japanese knowledge needed to play is low
- You get a Reversi/Othello extra game as an added diversion

- Game ends just when its starting to get good
- Not good for casual gamers
- Short in length
- Typically found at prices anywhere from $40-$80+
- Should have definitely had more cooking segments
- Almost zero challenge, though not entirely a bad thing
- There seems to be no way to skip the starting
intermission advertising Ajinomoto mayonnaise...
this whole game is subliminal

Bel States:
" This game was a fun promotional goody from two mega
rich companies (Nintendo and Ajinomoto; both world
famous) that was originally only available by mail order.
With cute characters, magical adventures and a message
about legendary condiments to share with the world, this
game could have went far. It's an okay game, but it didn't
reach out to many, primarily due to limited quantities. If
I was a fan of Ajinomoto back when this game was only
available by mail order, I'd get a copy. "

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Motoko-chan will travel to lands unknown and cook up some food and adventure, with no parental supervision! And so it begins...

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