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Vyse and Bel

We play games for all kinds of systems, but we find time for other things too...like exercise, reading, writing, music, etc. Don't be fooled by our looks...we can be pretty silly when the mood strikes, among other things. We're pretty docile (or calm) and cuddly by nature though. The image above shows Vyse (to the right) and Bel (to the left). Please don't hit up our e-mail with a very particular question ladies and gentlemen...we'll answer it here: Yes, we're twins. We will soon be uploading new pictures of ourselves since we have a digital camera now. The numerical game count is off since we have bags of stuff that still isn't accounted for. Our rampaging nephew also hinders our progress since he tells all his little friends about his uncles' "Arcade", lol. What a precocious little guy...anyway, due to popular demand, while we haven't changed the count, we've taken some pictures of our collection at the new place!! Some of them didn't come out too good (primarily due to the camera weakening as the batteries were being drained) and some things still need processing, but here they are anyway. We obviously can't capture EVERYTHING anytime soon, but these are a lot better than the old images we had of the stuff. We've placed simple marks on the images not because we loved to, but there have been incidents in the past of people claiming others' game collections as their own (not mine, but still). That's not cool...and we can tell if you crop our images too. We'd love to host other folks collections here someday, but we have no word on that yet. One more thing...the numbers below are VASTLY incorrect and are from a few years ago. GS actually has a great deal more games than what's listed below.

My Collection = 3845 games (4941 with multiple copies)
Number of Japanese Games: 309 (One is Asian However)
Number of European Games: 12 (One International Game)
Number of Complete Games: 1741 (Doesn't include complete multiple copies)
Number of Rare Games: 320 (That are said to be rare)
Misc. Things: 33? (approx.)
Number of Systems: 30
Number of Different Platforms: 39
Number of Demos: 43 (48)
Largest Genre(s): Action/Adventure
Favorite Genre(s): Action/Adventure, RPGs, A/ARPGs

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Various Collection Pictures (Most Recent)

Various Collection Pictures (Old)

Seiken Densetsu 3 GoddessDungeons and Dragons Brute!Kyo and Ryu Brawl!Alisia from Alisia DragoonDarkstalkers' Anita

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