Puzzle Star Sweep [Falling Object Puzzle Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Game has a good soundtrack
- PSS offers a twist to falling block puzzlers
  by match stars together with 3x3 blocks
- Cute characters and simple story
- Visuals are suitable for the game and genre
- You can unlock a couple of things
- Game has several modes like Score Attack,
  Time Attack, Combo Attack, etc.
- Game is VERY cheap!

- Story is pointless
- Matching blocks together can sometimes
  prove to be really bothersome
- Wish the game would have kept the Japanese
  voices and ending song

Vyse States:
"I don't have much to say about PSS. It's a great game, especially for the price. A few small things were removed from the game, but those missing elements don't hurt the core gameplay in any way. Matching Blocks can be a bit of a chore when the CPU gets rough, but with a little practice, you can master stacking the blocks with foresight. Get this game if you can find it (which shouldn't be hard)."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Every time you beat an opponent, they start whining like a little sissy! If Tia/Sitora gets that happy making simple chains, I wonder what she does when you actually do something GOOD... *Insert Dirty Joke*

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