Rad Racer [Arcade Racing/Driving Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Decent Visuals
- Three cool audio tracks done by Nobuo Uematsu
- The game offers an almost blistering sense of speed
- Eight stages
- It has an ending?

- Nearly merciless clock, one crash can make you lose
- Wish it had a two-player mode
- Cars have no difference other than looks
- I wouldn't recommend for people who aren't arcade racer fans

scir States:
"This game is the equivalent of Sega's OutRun on the NES.
It offers what an 8-Bit arcade racer can offer at its best and
provides a great racing video game experience. Borrow it
from a friend or pick it up for a few bucks and give it a try.
If you can't do either, then you probably know what to do
next. It is one of the most fun arcade racers on the NES.
I recommend it to fans of driving games and NES gamers

Bel States:
"This game can be summed up in one word: RAD. Heh, I'm
so clever."

Game Screenshots For Rad Racer

Radical title screen for a game where peeps -race- to the end of the stage Decisions, decisions... VROOOM!!! 255KM/X!!!!!

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