- Alisia Dragoon [Action Game] -

- Potential Pros & Cons -

- Excellent visuals with some great fantasy themed stages
- Great music; The game also has a nice little variety of
  different styles of music and cool stage intro themes
- Classic action goodness; lots of enemies to defeat, fast
  paced and action packed
- Gain items to make Alisia powerful as well as power-up items
  for her four beast companions that can be switched at will
- Moderate length for an action title
- Fairly challenging
- Great for those looking for cool games starring a heroine

- Since it has been said in the past by others, don't play if
  you don't like difficult games
- Would've been nice if Alisia had different kinds of magic
  besides lightning magic
- A.I. of Alisia's companions leave much to be desired
- Game Arts should make a sequel (not a real con...I know)

Vyse States:

"Other than the A.I of Alisia's beasts, the game is a very classic action
game...there is no denying that. The game looks nice, sounds nice and
controls smoothly. The game is just great to play every now and then.
The gameplay is very traditional and is also very functional. There
isn't too much wrong with this game. Pick it up if you can."

Game Screenshots

An early Game Arts game, but a good one Who says lightning never strikes twice? I struck my enemies with lightning over two hundred times in this game!! Bad guys lurk behind every corner, so beware!

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