Battle Mania Daiginjou [Horizontal Shooting Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Excellent visuals with detailed bosses
- Great music with rockin' synthesized beats
- Nine levels makes this one longer than the original
- Story is sillier than the last game
- The game is rare (for collectors)

- Japan-only
- Weapons could've changed a little more
- Good luck buying it under $100 complete
- Could've been sweet with a two-player mode

Bel States:
"Whenever you have a villain who thinks you're
brain would be perfect for an armored train
because it only knows violence and slaughtering
and whenever you have to ram your car into a
guy who should already be dead stories above
ground level, you have a noteworthy game. But,
when you add that with a funny story, great
visuals, awesome sound and tight play control,
you have a game that I would seriously consider
giving a gold medal. It's games like this that
make me love classic gaming. If you can find
this one for cheap (around $100), I'd pick it
up. This game is worth it.

Game Screenshots For Battle Mania Daiginjou

Shot-up Title Screen Beware of undead fish! You'll be battling against your look-a-like for the second time.

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