Chiki Chiki Boys [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Excellent, colorful visuals with vivid characters and clean backdrops
- Two easy-to-use characters, two endings, one quest
- Characters can buy items throughout the game
- A very good port of a good game
- Slightly uncommon (for collectors)

- This port is a little dated
- Two characters, but no co-op play
- Those looking for a challenge won't find one here
- Could've used a little more meat on the bones

Bel States:
"Being a twin myself, I can tell you that the twin bros in Chiki
Chiki boys dish up simple, classic hack n' slash fun. Trust me,
it's a twin thing. This game has great graphics, it's easy to play,
and the cute and quirky characters only make the game more
enjoyable in my book. If you're looking to expand your Sega
Genesis or Mega Drive collection, make sure to give this
one a try."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen The Earth, The Sea, and The Sky...which should I choose first? The Magic Bomber spell can deliver quite a shock!

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