Chrono Trigger Arcade: Zenan Defense and Battle Trainer [Action Games]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Small downloads
- Zenan Defense is a neat spin on Space Invaders
- Battle Trainer is a small one-on-one fighter
- Both games have nice remixed Chrono Trigger tunes in .midi
- Gaming Lite

- Strange interface
- Many would consider these games amatuerish
- Could have definitely used more stuff

Bel States:
"Both games allow you to print screens of your high scores so
you can post them on the net and both games are good for
killing a second since they are small downloads and quick
and easy to play. However, this is not a measure of their quality
as a whole. I should make it known that these games don't hold
a candle to a lot of freeware games and these two games are
perhaps Leotaku's greatest works. Still, you might get a kick
out of these games if you are a fan of CT. Chrono Trigger Arcade:
Zenan Defense and Chrono Trigger Arcade 2: Battle Trainer are
for gamers on a diet."

Game Screenshots CTA:ZD (1st) and CTA2:BT (2nd)

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