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Not too much to say here. This category is for computer (PC) games that you can download and/or buy. Lots of fun and interesting games lie on the web just waiting to be discovered. Games to look for are Ahriman's Prophecy, Warning Forever, Tumiki Fighters, Hard Hat III, Aveyond, Cave Story, Hinokakera, Porindama (Online), Eternal Fighter Zero, Ultima, and much more. Price depends on the computer you intend to buy. Size of games depends on the game you seek. If you are experiencing problems with the font in Ahriman's Prophecy, please go to the link in the Ahriman's Prophecy review to go to their site and find the patch that will fix the font. PC games are not dated because many PC games have multiple versions that upgrade pre-existing versions of the same game.

Action Games (Which includes Platformers, Run N' Gun,etc.)

Beat-em-ups (Includes one plane and two plane style)

Fighting Games

Roleplaying Games & Strategy Games (Which include Action/RPGs)

Shooters (Includes First-Person,Hori,Vert,etc )

Adult/Hentai Games

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