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Warning Forever [Vertical Shooter]

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This Boxset celebrates Lupin's 40th anniversary. 1967 -2007

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-General Information-
Version: U.S.
Publisher: Hikoza. T. Ohkubo
Developer(s) and Others: Hikoza'n-CHI X
# of Players: 1
# of Saves: ---
Estimated Market Value as of 06/15/2007: N/A
Other Info: None

The publisher of this game is Hikoza. T. Ohkubo and the game was rated five out of five stars by CNET's editor. Its average rating by downloaders is still four and a half (As of June 19th, 2007) out of five. What is Warning Forever and why is it raved about so much to have over 100,000 downloads? If it's so popular, why don't more people actually talk about this game? Well, here is Hikoza's description of the game:

"Warning Forever is a 360-degree shooting game with vertical scrolling and an adjustable cannon that lets you control the direction and range of your fire. In this game, there are only two combatants--you and the boss ship. The more bosses you beat, the stronger they become. A time limit increases when bosses are defeated but decreases when you lose ships. Beat all the bosses you can before time runs out."

The game is freeware that you can download (for free obviously) and the download is very small even for a once proud dial-up guy like me! Considering this, the graphics are quite good. Detailed smoke effects and beautiful and deadly laser beams galore! The game has a smooth and consistent framerate and the game has an arcade feel to it. As you can clearly see, the bosses are pretty darn MASSIVE and they don't hesitate to unleash an onslaught of ridiculous firepower. For the small download size, you are getting intense acrade-style action.

The sounds are excellent for the game, especially the explosions which fill the air with carnage. To actually get music for the game, go here and click "OGG" at the bottom of the page with the Hikoza emblem next to it. There was also another one that was at, but the link I used to have for it doesn't seem to work anymore. If anyone has links to any more music for this game, please let me know...Anyway, put the music file in the same folder as Warning Forever and it should work.

There are a couple of configurable options that are standard amongst shooters like this. You can change the radius of your fire to make your shots concentrate on a small area with maximum damage or spread fire across a huge radius for weaker but widespread destruction. As you progress, the stats of the bosses increase as well as their firepower, A.I., and weaponry. In the newest version (As of June 19th, 2007), you can see boss names in English and change a few other minor things. To tell the truth though, me and the publisher generally sum the game up. It's simple, yet effective. You're also getting it for free, so who's gonna complain? Nobody...that's who.

- Written by Vyse the determined -
- Publisher information from -

Game Screenshots

Maids RULE! The stats of the boss increase every level. You know you love an earth-shattering kaboom... Proof that hot pink is deadly... Rapid Fire + No Leg Room = Pandemonium! Warning! Prepare for Action!

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