Eternal Fighter Zero (Memorial) [2D Fighting Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- The game has evolved greatly from the earlier versions
- Excellent audio for fans of the original visual novels or
  fighting game fans alike
- Incorporates elements from some of the worlds greatest
  fighting games and rolls them into one
- Excellent visuals and character animations
- Shows that doujin games shouldn't be counted out
- Plenty of beautiful artwork to see

- Could've used a few more modes
- Computer A.I. leaves a little to be desired
- One general ending would be nice
- No real unlockables, but there is enough here as is

Bel States:
"Eternal Fighter Zero is a great doujin fighting series and it is
almost a shame to call the game a "doujin" game, since it
is almost as good as many of the great commercially released
2D fighting games. Twilight Frontier, the team behind this
game, prove that there is great talent out there that lurks
beyond the corporate shadows. Congratulations guys and
gals, you've impressed this gamer beyond the norm. With
numerous characters and copious amounts of specials,
parodies, and good times, you'll come back for more."

Game Screenshots

Elegant Title Screen The cast of characters K stands for Kaori and don't you forget it!!

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