Crystal Warriors [Strategy/RPG Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Nice visuals with bright colors and large characters
- You are given opportunities to move around a town before battles
- You can use up to nine characters in battle
- Characters have different elements and move across terrain differently
  so the game requires some strategy, but...
- Buy items and spells as well as hire characters at certain points
- There is a two player versus mode available

- Story is simple and dialogue is generic at best
- You can capture monsters of different elements to offset the
  strategy of the game by a fair deal
- No class changing or anything of the sort
- Once characters die, they stay dead
- Music is mostly average
- Weapons and armor don't indicate how much they boost your
  potential; you must figure it out yourself
- Game is fairly short

Vyse States:
"Portable strategy RPGs aren't too common nowadays and they were
definitely a rarity back in the early nineties. The characters are cute
and charming, but with a simple plot, average music, and a couple of
gameplay flaws, Crystal Warriors is not for everyone. Still, it's a good
way to kill some time when traveling and fans looking for some
old-school SRPG entertainment may find Crystal Warriors to be

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Iris is strong because she is skilled at fighting warriors of any element. However, she loses fair damage from all elements too, so don't get cocky. See those people with question marks on them? Use the scan spell to discover who they are.

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