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Cute lil' Rena! Sega's answer to Gameboy, the Sega Game Gear! World's cutest archer!

The Mighty Game Gear!Video Game Reviews: Game Gear

The Game Gear was Sega's answer to the Gameboy. The Game Gear was capable of putting out prettier graphics than the Gameboy and it had a backlit screen to boot! The sound on it was relatively good and it had quite a few solid titles on it, even a few decent imports. So why did people hate it so? Well, while I (Vtd) won't speak for everyone here, I think one of the main reasons was it's size and that the unit is an energy consuming VAMPIRE capable of sucking the life out of even the toughest batteries. For this reason, the Game Gear was much more costly due the cost of batteries. It's still a cool portable system and it deserves to be mentioned. GS has also been looking for noteworthy vidoes that showcase just a little of what this system can do. This video is courtesy of a good buddy of ours on Youtube, Alianger. Please don't click it if you don't want to see it, but enjoy either way.

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