Baku Baku Animal [Action Puzzle Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Presentable graphics and the screen doesn't split when you play the CPU
- Nice music to go along with the crazy action
- Excellent gameplay system; Easy to learn, hard to master
- A puzzle game with an actual plot
- Fairly hard to find (for collectors)
- Moderately challenging

- Game ocassionally relies on chance rather than skill when you don't get the
  animal you need to drop the stack
- Game would have looked a little cleaner if the Game Gear color palette was
  used better

Vyse States:
"Baku Baku Animal is a simple, yet very fun game that uses a gameplay
system that works. There isn't really anything wrong with the game,
though the game would have been even better with a few minor touch-ups.
With the limited amount of puzzle games on Game Gear, it may be worth
your time to seek this game out."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Yup, the chat sequences are reminiscent of Puyo games The monkey is munching all the bananas!

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