Devilish ["Breakout" Style Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Great graphics for an early Game Gear title and Breakout style game
- Excellent soundtrack
- An interesting spin on Breakout with a few neat power-ups
- Michael Jackson cameo?
- Genki's first game is a solid one

- "Pong Physics" are a little off
- Only three bosses
- Game is a bit short

Vyse States:
"Devilish is an entertaining portable title that isn't
exactly a masterpiece, but a fun diversion that can be
played every once in a while. Use your paddles and
magic orb to smash your way to the end of the level?
Works for me."

Bel States:
"Genki's first product literally has balls. This game
is alright in my book. "

Game Screenshots

Title Screen One paddle isn't enough for this game! You're gonna need TWO! The large demon is pretty cool, but check out that guy in the white suit...

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