Factory Panic [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Large sprites, colorful stages, and silly enemies
- Features a few seconds of the 1812 Overture
- A combination of action and puzzle that requires
  equal parts skill and thought
- Game should be pretty cheap

- Game is fairly easy
- Once it's beaten, you may not go back to it
- Music variety is limited
- Gorbachev is only playable in the Japanese version

Vyse States:
"Factory Panic is a simple game that does nothing
seriously wrong but also doesn't do anything truly
remarkable. It's solid. Step on switches, give good
items to the good people (or suffer the consequences),
and get rid of the junk. You steal from the rich and
give to the poor. 32 stages. Power-ups to enhance
your main attack and stun all enemies. Four
different enemies. Enough said."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Giving her anything other than meat (or beef, or whatever that is) will result in an angry woman! GOOD JOB! You are one step closer to finishing the game.

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