Shikinjo [Block Movement Puzzle Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- A nice logic puzzler that's portable and cheap
- Music selection is limited, but nicely put together
- Game supports passwords after every five stages
- Simple and to the point game; Push tiles to reach the exit
- When was the last time you controlled a Chinese hopping vampire, eh?

- NOT for the easily frustrated (some puzzles are tough!)
- Graphics are presentable, but little else
- The music selection is REALLY limited

Vyse States:
"If you've played Soko-Ban or some other similar game like Kwirk
(for the Game Boy), you may already be familiar with how Shikinjo
works. However, matching tiles together can be tricky business...and
Shikinjo may really push your intellect into overdrive at times. Block
movement puzzlers (especially as old as Shikinjo) never make graphics
a top priority and while the music is nice, you can easily count the # of
music on two hands. Most of the music isn't really even full length music
but really short, yet melodious chiptunes. Still, the game should more
than satisfy fans of logic puzzles and if you are patient and like to think
outside-of-the-box, you should dig Shikinjo too."

Game Screenshots

Sunsoft presents... Shikinjo!! Match two tiles together and feel the satisfaction of watching them go 'poof'.

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