Psychic World [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Decent Graphics for an early portable title
- Anime-esque soundtrack
- Lots of power-ups
- The game actually has a simple in-game plot and fair ending
- Lucia puts the "chic" in "psychic"

- Only four fairly short stages
- Game is too easy
- The music, while decent, is a little repetitive
- Sound effects are a little cheap
- Switching between different psychic powers can get pretty annoying
- Controls are a bit loose
- Level design is cluttered and can make moving around annoying

Vyse States:
"As stated in the full review, Hertz (developer of PW)
didn't have much of a history. They show that they had a
little bit of potential, but I guess I'll never know since
they aren't around anymore. I'd say the game is average.
Buy if it's cheap. Ignore it if it isn't."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Follow that monster if you want to save Cecile! Lucia starts with only one offensive ability, but gets more.

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