Kaitou Saint Tail [Mini-game Compilation]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Bright and colorful graphics with anime style characters
- Nice title theme with decent audio overall
- Audio clips like "It's showtime!" will really
speak to fans of the anime
- Six mini-games plus a few other incentives help make the game more fun
- Japanese knowledge required is low (game primarily uses Hiragana and Katakana)

- St. Tail roaming around in broad daylight may not speak to fans of the anime very well
- Most of this game's emphasis was put in the graphics and sound department
- Clearly for younger audiences, more mature gamers will skip this one
- Can be beaten in thirty minutes or less...and thirty is a strecth
- Game is pricier than the average GG title

Bel States:
"Kaitou Saint Tail is a simple and effective title that's a cute
little diversion that fans of the anime may like. However,
this game is a Kids Gear title and even with such a moniker,
this title is a little too lightweight and rushed for its own
good. Being one of the Game Gear's final games, this title
wasn't a great way to send the handheld off. If you can
track the game down for cheap, it's a nice item to add
to anyone's collection due to its scarcity, but this is one
game that casual gamers can pass up."

Game Screenshots

A token gesture to Sailor Moon transformations? La Femme Tittle Screen One! Two! THREE! It's SHOWTIME!

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