Ristar [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Excellent graphics and animation
- Makes good use of Game Gear's limited color palette
- Excellent soundtrack that makes you want to hum along
- Moderate length
- Great level design
- The gameplay, while simple, is solid and functional
- Game should be pretty cheap

- Ristar's hand loses sprites when he streches them
- Game is fairly easy
- When the game is over, it's over...*sob*

Vyse States:
"He can run, jump, grab, headbutt, throw objects, fly, smash, swing,
flip up into the air by grabbing branches, clobber bosses...etc, etc.
The great thing about Ristar is that he does it all in style and in
beautiful worlds with beautiful music. I highly recommend this game."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen There Greedy goes...throwing goofy lapdogs to wreck havoc throughout space? Don't fall Ristar! Those spikes WILL take some of your life!

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