Royal Stone [Strategy/RPG Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Excellent graphics with bright colors and large characters
- The game has a great plot with dramatic cutscenes...especially for Game Gear
- Great music that enhances the game experience very effectively
- The game allows you to move around towns and such before battles
- You can use up to nine characters in battle
- Characters have different elements and move across terrain differently
  so the game requires moderate strategy
- Buy items and spells as well as hire characters at certain points

- Might turn away those who don't know any Japanese
- The game is fair in length, but a bit short for an SRPG...a few more battles
  would've been nice (approx. 15-20 hrs)
- Only healers and mages can change class
- Once characters die, they stay dead
- Final stages can be brutal

Vyse States:
"The game is nice for a portable SRPG and I really enjoyed it. The
A.I isn't exactly the greatest at times, but I've enjoyed the Sega Genesis
Shining Force and I found that game to be far too easy (SF2 for Genesis
was tougher). I highly recommend Royal Stone to anyone who likes SRPGs
and wants to play Sega RPGs besides Phantasy Star and Shining Force."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Oh crap...Eva's screwed. When Eva casts her spell, Bless, she can deal some serious hurt when she attacks.

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