Puyo Puyo [Action Puzzle Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Bright and colorful graphics with anime style characters
- Solid soundtrack to go with the action
- Solid gameplay that works like several other falling object puzzle games
  like Puyo Puyo
- Has a puzzle mode where you must meet specific requirements to advance
- Quite challenging, especially near the end
- The Japanese cart will display English text in a U.S. Game Gear
- VERY cheap and affordable

- The final stages can be ultra cheap
- The manual has several pages for story and the in-game doesn't mention
  pretty much ANYTHING? BOOOOO...

Vyse States:
"Puyo Puyo is very popular in Japan and has become increasingly
popular in North American territories...and it isn't hard to figure
out why. The game provides lots of action, goofy characters, great
music, and has few faults. You can get all of that for a great price
so why not go for it?"

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Title Screen !@!!?*@?? PUZLOW!!

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