Flink [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Beautifully designed stages with wacky characters
- A deep and engrossing musical score with wonderful clarity
- An action platformer that possesses a fair deal of length
- Create magic using ingredients found on the levels; Magic varies
  from offense, defense, and support
- Small production crew = High production values (In Flink's case)
- The game is usually very affordable and well worth the dollar value

- The game doesn't support saves of any kind...ARGH!!
- Controlling Flink can be a little tricky since he walks for a moment
  first before he actually starts running

Vyse States:
"The game doesn't have any way to save your progress and that
does suck to a fair degree. However, the other excellent
qualities of Flink make playing the game highly satisfying and
worthwhile. It is a classic that isn't mentioned NEARLY as much
as it should be and that's just a crying shame. Keep your eyes
peeled and if you see Flink, I strongly suggest that you buy it.
The game is one of Sega CD's finest."

Game Screenshots

While called Flink, the game is really called The Misadventures of Flink. No evil will strike on MY watch! The fantasy environments are quite marvelous.

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