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The Exciting Sega CD! Video Game Reviews: Sega CD/Mega CD

The Sega CD is one loved and hated console. What is the reasoning behind this? Sega and developers were too obsessed with using the Sega CD to produce FMV (Full Motion Video) games. However, due to the color limitations of the ordinary Sega Genesis and movie producing capabilities of the Sega CD, most FMV games tended to look horrible. Even if some FMV games looked good, the games themselves were usually little to no fun because you usually just followed the set path that the game creators designed within the game. I know a lot of people complained about that and they are entitled to feel that way. In my honest opinion, FMV games are MOSTLY (not always) no fun and lack actual gameplay mechanics. If the plot, acting, and scripting is good enough, the games can prove to be quite entertaining. Thankfully, there are a number of games for the Sega CD that don't try to throw the entire focus on half decent FMVs, but instead, focus on quality sound and fun gameplay mechanics. You may be wondering..."I've heard of Sega Genesis, but what the heck is Sega CD?"

Since I'm (Vtd) not a technical god, I'll just explain it in the most basic way possible. The Sega CD was a gaming system that used CD media to create games that could have FMVs and high quality audio. More importantly however, is that it had far more storage capabilities than cart based media. The Sega CD is an add-on for the original Sega Genesis (as shown in the image above). There are numerous versions of the Sega CD so rather than explaining all of them, I'll just let "this" do the talking for me. Thankfully, there are good people out there who spread the word.

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