Keio Flying Squadron [Horizontal Shooting Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Nice anime stills and wacky enemies courtesy of Japan
- Great Japanese style musical score that fits well with the
  theme and design of the game
- Funny characters and whimsical, nonsensical story
- Moderately challenging and lengthy for a shooter

- Graphics of the actual gameplay are mostly drab and
- Gameplay is very same-old and a little disjointed
- Everything was more or less translated, yet Rami still has
  a Japanese voice during the actual gameplay. I would've
  liked a choice betweeen English and Japanese.
- Be ready to fly solo on this one
- Price tag and scarcity make this mostly a collector's
  item first, and a game second

Bel States:
"Keio Flying Squadron is a decent game. It doesn't go above and beyond, nor
does it really showcase what the Sega CD was capable of. It uses a conventional
shooter formula from shooters of old and spices it up slightly with some Japanese
weirdness. This game holds more value to me as an auction item than it does as a
game though...and that's not a good thing. This is one of those "admire from a
distance" games, while I play more competent shooters. Sorry Rami, Spot, and
Dr. Pon..."

Game Screenshots

Nice Title Screen. Grandma! Grandma! Please don't eat me! I don't REALLY taste like baby rabbit risotto! Racoons and frogs...weird.

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