Game Credits:


Erik Yeo
Justin Norr

Programmed By:

Silas Warner

Set Design:

Nick Bruty
Kevin Toft

Character Design:

Doug Cope
Roger Hardy
Clark Sorensen

Original Music:

Tommy Tallarico

Video And Sound:

Steve Henifin

Original Concept:

Dave Perry


Tom Gibson
Barry Pringle

Design Assistance:

Justin Norr
Kevin Norr
Mark Yamada

Programming Assistance:

John Alvarado
Matt From
David Perry


Mike Dietz
Shawn Maclean
Barry J.S. Pringle
Dean Ruggles
Edward Schofield
Bob Steele
Bob Stevenson
Daniel Wong
Willis Wong

Quality Assurance:

Mike Mccaa
Chris Mcfarland
Jared Brinkley
David Fries
Bijan Shaheer
Harvard Bonin
Nick Camerota
Susan Haight
Erik Harshman
Ken Love
Paul Moore
Chad Soares
Chris Toft
Jon Williams
Noah Tool
Tim Williams

Executive Producers:

"Doc" Clarke-Willson
Guy Johnson
David Bishop


Seth Mendelsohn
Craig Warmsley
Jeff Buccellato
Kevin Norr

Produced With Rom Devbios From:

Malibu Interactive

Music Mixed In QSound By:

Buzz Burrowes

Developed By:

Virgin Games

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