The Terminator [Action Game/Run N' Gun]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Fairly decent movie-to-game adaptation
- Altered graphical style is a plus, since it's more
  dark and brooding like the Terminator film
- Most characters have nice animation, Kyle Reese has
  a good run cycle
- Clever level design where nearly every segment of every
  level can be approached in a clever manner
- Moderately challenging
- Excellent audio
- More than twice as many levels as the Genesis game

- While the graphics are decent, some levels look a little sparse
- Awful FMVs with no voice-overs or anything
- Not 100% true to the film, which may irk some people
- Only two primary weapons: Guns and grenades/dynamite
- Could have been a lot more than what it was

Bel States:
"The Sega CD version of The Terminator is perhaps one
of the best versions available, but this still isn't saying too
much to all the diehard Terminator fans out there. It's a
competent action game, but it isn't that great."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen...I'll be back...a lot...because this game is pretty tough. Don't let those menacing tanks touch you or you die in one hit. Every boss has a relatively simple pattern to defeat them. The levels are much harder than the bosses.

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