Magical Taruruuto-kun [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Nice, colorful visuals
- Good audio
- A good game that's based off of an anime,etc.
- Gain magic powers as you go
- Very affordable

- REALLY short... only four levels
- Third level as a tad bit tricky
- Would've been nice to see this outside Japan

Vyse States:
"The colorful graphics, combined with the cheerful
musical score and lovable characters makes it come
off as a great kids game, but don't let that stop you
from playing it. I think it's suitable for all ages, even
if the gameplay is nothing to write home about. This
version of Magical Taruruuto-kun is one of the best
and it's also cheap, so if you must get one, let it
be this one."

Game Screenshots

Tiiitle Screeeen! Honmaru: Wha, What the? What point is there for us to get involved!! Taru: Honmaru!! We're the only ones who can save the world!! I've got a little ups! Maybe I should have tried out for the Beijing Olympics...

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