Marko [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Great visuals with superb character animations
- Marko has a lot of control over his attacks
- Moderate length, thirteen levels
- Use passwords to continue your game later
- Uncommon game (for collectors)

- Controls are a little loose
- Marko's attacks could have been faster
- Levels get a little cheap later on

Bel States:
"Marko is a pretty fun game with remarko-ble visuals
and is a good way to waste an afternoon. If you get
bored ahead of time, continue later using one of the
games' passwords. "Electronic Gaming Monthly" and
"Diehard Game Fan" had good things to say about
this game, so you know it isn't all bad. Marko is not a
particularly common game, so collectors will smile
gleefully with this one in their collection while the
average gamer will more or less shrug their

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Ooooh....Suburbia...clever. Oi! You hit my pig in a blanket!

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