Sonic R [Racing Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Has that "Sonic" feel
- Colorful graphics and nice environments
- Excellent and memorable music
- Has a few unlockabkles

- Character models are as sharp and polygonal as scissors,
  and you're supposed to run with them?
- Game is very short
- Game is easy, despite having awful play control

Bel States:
"All I'm going to say is that this game isn't much of anything without its
soundtrack. This game plays a serious Siren's song, but once you break
free from the witchcraft, you see Sonic R in its most vulnerable state.
This game is mediocre and barely playable."

Vyse States:
"I thought the stage design was very imaginative and well thought out.
The game still (even to this day) has one of the greatest soundtracks that
I have ever heard in a game. Unfortunately, neither creative level design
nor outstanding music could make me ignore the nightmarish controls.
With effort, they are tolerable, but the game is fairly easy to play because
of a lack of aggressive A.I., not because of responsive controls. Great for
the soundtrack, but if you are looking for a better racer, I'd rather
recommend Daytona USA: Championship Edition before I'd recommend
Sonic R."

Game Screenshots

Everybody Super Sonic Racin'! Sonic the Porcupine All jokes aside, this game uses some pretty nice effects like transparency and (at times) lighting.

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