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The Hardy Sega Saturn!Video Game Reviews: Sega Saturn

The Sega Saturn is said to be inferior to the Sony Playstation when it comes to games with 3D graphics. However, this claim is often over-stated and we at GS do not entirely believe this. There are some good looking 3D Saturn titles. However, no one can argue that Sega Saturn's real power was in producing excellent 2D games like shooters and 2D fighters. Most 2D fighters (we won't say ALL) were better on Saturn than they were on the Playstation. As such, Sega Saturn has a focus on high quality 2D and high quality sound rather than a focus on beautiful FMVs or 3D graphics that it can't handle as well. After all, if you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, why not focus on what makes you great? U.S. gamers didn't get too much out of the Sega Saturn, though there are still some excellent games to be found. However, most will tell you that the Saturn has a great import library (In this case, Japanese releases), so if you intend on buying a Sega Saturn, you would do well to get a Japanese Saturn or any tools necessary to play imports on a Sega Saturn outside of Japan.

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