Syd of Valis [Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- The U.S. game has a Cosmic Fantasy reference!
- You play as a super deformed Yuko Asho

- The game is mediocre

Vyse States:
"I can only reccommend trying this game if you
are a diehard Valis fan. Otherwise, the game isn't
worth the time or the dollar value that it asks. I
can't reccommend trying this game if you are a
more casual gamer. The graphics aren't great, the
music isn't great, the gameplay is disjointed and
arguably broken. It's a fairly bad buy, but as usual,
there are worst games. As far as Valis games go,
there was obviously a lack of effort in the overall
design. As the game puts it (in a way that's unfamiliar
to those who don't know basic Japanese), "Oshimai",
or "Fin", or "The End", and all that good stuff."

Game Screenshots

Title Screen Most enemies in this game are relatively goofy looking... ...But people like the Red Fighter-Dragon, Zaluga, mean business and attempt to intimidate Yuko!

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