Trouble Shooter [Horizontal Shooting Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Four Special weapons and plenty of upgrades
- Anime-style cutscenes are always nice
- An out-of-the-norm zany shooter in the U.S.
- Unorthodox partner system

- Relatively short shooter (only six stages)
- Game is very easy
- Average audio/visual presentation
- Can be expensive at times, especially in Japan
- Its superior sequel is Japan-only

Bel States:
"If you're a fan of funny games and simple shooters, then
you can have your cake and eat it too with Trouble Shooter.
If you're looking for serious, unadulterated shooting madness,
this isn't your game. I honestly think Trouble Shooter is a
great shmup for those who are new to the genre and need
something to ease their way in and feel comfortable with
since it's so easy and short. As a whole however, it's a very
average shooter that didn't get much attention and it has a
much better (and incredibly expensive) Japan-only sequel.
Hell, the regular Battle Mania is very expensive...why is this
average shooter so damn expensive? any rate, I can
say that we could have used more funny shmups like this, with
just more...everything. Alas poor Trouble Shooter, we
hardly knew ye..."

Game Screenshots For Trouble Shooter

Title Screen If only I got a dollar for every Japanese game that put young people and/or under-aged kids in harms way...I'd better not think about it...I can already see the money rolling in... Powaa Apu! Thundaa! Missairu!

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