Twinkle Tale [Shooter/Action Game]

Potential Pros & Cons

- Excellent Graphics
- Great Audio
- Cool Magic-Wielding Heroine
- Gain more stamina as you progress
- It's actually pretty long (for this kind of game)
- Toyo Recording Makes A One-Hit Wonder!

- The game is very expensive
- The game is pretty hard to come by
- The game is Japan-only
- The game is sadly a one-hit wonder
- Would've been great with a co-op mode

Vyse States:
"Twinkle Tale is one of the best action OR shooting
games you could hope to find on the Megadrive (and
the game has no region detection, so you can play it
on a Genesis too). With a cute and daring heroine,
nearly more action than you can shake a stick at,
moderate length, great visuals and a great sound-
track, one of the only things that could have made
this game better was a multi-player feature. The
only other problem is that most will only know of
this one through emulation, as the game is almost
prohibitively rare and can reach up to $100. Is it
worth it? Well, that's not for me to decide, but you
should find a way to play it, however you can."

Game Screenshots

Magical Title Screen Ooooh...Jewels...So shiny. Enemies lurk behind every bush, nook and cranny! BEWARE!

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