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The Classic Game Boy!Video Game Reviews: Game Boy/GBC (NOT ADVANCE)

The Game Boy is one of the most popular handheld game systems of all time, and it still draws in many curious collectors and gamers today. While I (Vtd) personally would have liked for it to have more competition (Ahem...*wishes for Game Gear and NeoGeo/ Neo Geo Pocket Color Revival*), it's a great system nonetheless with a great library of games. The 8-bit Gameboy has three stages: The traditional grey behemoth, the small & sleek pocket version, and the small & sleek pocket version IN COLOR (it took more years than it should for Nintendo to make a color version of the Game Boy). While this section is simply dubbed Game Boy, you will find GBC titles here as well, and they will be denoted as such. Some Game Boy Color games (the ones that are transparent) will not work on a regular Game Boy (and they won't work on the Super Game Boy either...for anyone using it). GS has also been looking for noteworthy vidoes that showcase just a little of what this system can do. This video is courtesy of a good buddy of ours on Youtube, Alianger. Please don't click it if you don't want to see it, but enjoy either way. Let's go down memory lane.

~GS Game Boy Video Pick~

Action Games (Which includes Platformers, Run N' Gun, etc.)

Roleplaying Games & Strategy Games (Which include Action/RPGs)

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