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Philosoma -November 9th, 2007-

Bel here, with another update announcement. As many are aware, the first of November up until November the 8th was mainly site maintenance. We've got a little more accomplished with this time than Vyse or myself thought we would. We've tweaked the layout some more and changed the place of certain bits of text on the screen. Previously, the site was only believed to be quite multi-browser compatible, mostly due to the simplicity of the code, but GS is now attempting to make the site serviceable through numerous screen resolutions. The site is now feasibly viewable through three of the four major resolution settings on standard computers (800 x 600, 1024 x 768, and 1152 x 864), with 1152 x 864 being our favorite setting for the site. This is a big step forward for GS and brings us a little bit further from a "Ice" or "Jello" design and a little bit closer to a "Liquid" design.

We've also fixed up the code a little more and have been going back and expanding some of the older articles with written material and screenshots...we're also thinking of implementing an interesting feature for the reviews in the future, but we won't say anything right now (and it will take some time to implement). We've even gone as far as embedding a few videos to showcase what a particular system can do and added system .gifs with minor transparency effects (click them to get larger images of a particular system). You also don't have to worry about the site going anywhere for awhile...I'm paying for everything right now. It's a sweet deal for everybody, especially the Blue Rogue that runs this site.

We didn't really have to put anything else in this update but maintenance sucks, doesn't it? Well, I think so, but it's necessary I'm afraid. Still, we have thrown together one new review to tide loyal viewers of Gaming Sanctuary over until the next update. We've analyzed an unusual Playstation shooter, Philosoma, the shooter that plays like many shooters you've played before and yet manages to play like nearly no other shooter out there. Why is this? Read on ladies & gentlemen, read on. Later.

Posted By: Bel Cain The Eternal

Tengai Makyou SAT -November 1st, 2007-

Well, we didn't make the update in time for October 31st, which is a bit of a letdown. The problem isn't because we didn't have suitable content to make one or two updates, but it was something a tad bit serious. In any event, we're going to make this update despite what might be taking place right now. Since this update was a combination of two updates from October , it still contains more dark themed or unusual games, but we'll be writing more of what we like to write about for now (which is usually very random), at least until we feel the need to write about a certain set of games again.

For Playstation, we've covered all three King's Field games (KF1, KF2, KF3). They are from the company known as "From Software", and they are pretty good games, though the first title in the series was only released in Japan. Next, we've decided to give Sega more love on this site, so we got to work on setting up a section for the Sega Saturn. As such, we didn't want it to enter the site with one measly article, so we made three. Firstly (just to get it out of the way) we've written what could possibly be the 963,873rd article on NiGHTS: Into Dreams...it's touching, and also slightly informative. Next, we've dressed in black just to play Black/Matrix, a Japanese SRPG that makes you question your beliefs at times. It's certainly dark, but still has its goofy moments. Lastly, we take a look at just one game from one of the most popular RPG series in Japan, Tengai Makyou: Daishi no Mokushiroku. It's not only strange, but it is quite possibly one of the silliest RPGs you could ever find...and its a pretty good game too.

You've probably noticed already, but the site is getting obligatory changes, per the site maintenance agreement on the forums. These changes are being applied across the whole site (and are still in progress) and will include several changes both big and small, such as "favicons" (encoded special symbols when you favorite Gaming Sanctuary pages), new banners (that take a little more advantage of our dormant skillz), obvious code fixes, and more. If you haven't heard this as well, we are now capable of providing PC-Engine and HuCard content, which should come as good news. Don't be surprised if you see an article real soon...as I've had one game, known as Himitsu No Hanazono, on the back of my mind lately. That's it for now, but we'll be thinking of more ways to spruce the site up.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Devilish -October 21st, 2007-

Vyse here, with the second update (out of hopefully four) for this month! It has been edited from what we at GS have originally planned. Instead of giving you three new titles, we're only tossing out two (essentially one) this update. Why? The awesomeness that is Bel Cain The Eternal brought some new computer towers that we've been configuring and setting up, taking away some of our site time. The great news is that one of the comps. is powerful enough to play Sega Saturn games, so we should probably get around to making an article or two in the future. We warned people that this site would get more ridiculous with time!

We've uploaded a few extra vids on Youtube and we've broken down the first video game that Genki has ever made...what? You don't know Genki? Come on...you know, the guys who made one of my favorite dungeon crawlers, Jade Cocoon, or the guys who became known for their racing games like Tokyo Highway Battle? Eh...well, we looked at their first title, Devilish, for the Sega Game Gear. We have also covered Devilish: The Next Possession for the Sega Genesis and provided a truckload of information for both games.

We would also like to talk a little about two more new sites. Mog123 has a new blog site (located at the bottom of this page) that will eventually have articles for SNES and beyond. Right now, there are only a couple of image scans of Super Famicom PCBs, but Rome wasn't built in a day. We also started out small (actually, we still are) and I have high hopes that Mog123 will make a great site. You can never have enough sites covering old games! The other site is known as "Secret Place" and is run by fellow GameFAQs member Europea. It has a good deal of information (as well as many screenshots) regarding Lagoon, a title that originated on the SHARPX68000 and was later ported to the SNES. I'm sure you may have read my two cents on the game. Since some of my earliest posts was on the Lagoon board (filled with cool and knowledgable people), I think it's only fitting to make mention of the site. We'll see you later!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Maru's Mission -October 8th, 2007-

Sup everybody! It's been a while...about three weeks since our last update. We've been doing a lot of work and thinking over the past few days. We planned to do more site work, but the work we were working on had to be truncated, so to speak. We then thought of making a smaller update a few days prior, but ultimately decided to put in some of the stuff from late September and mix it in with what we had planned for early October. We intend to make an update for each week of October, but there are several things that can jeopardize this, so we can't make any promises. The biggest factor is moving...we could be out of the loop for days...even weeks. While things are starting to smooth over, I feel it's best to let you know this in advance.

Anyway, we've uploaded some vids for Tecmo's Deception, Kagero: Deception II, and Blue Breaker Burst: Bishou o Anata to. As usual, they can be found in the General Gaming Interests section located in the Game Info Archive. We also made a few more site changes (to things with silver borders), added a few more scans and illustrations for the games we have covered in this update as well as a few older ones, and we've been meeting some requests via e-mail. We've also got some more reviews up. For Playstation, we've covered all three "Deception" games, courtesy of Tecmo. They are Tecmo's Deception, Kagero: Deception II, and Deception III: Dark Delusion. The only one currently missing from this series is Trapt for the PS2. Next, we've fought Dracula, Frankenstein, and more in Maru's Mission for Game Boy. Besides talking about it, we've cross-examined it in great detail with its Japanese counterpart, "Oira Jajamaru! Sekai Daibouken". Maru's Mission is the only game from the popular Jajamaru series to be released in the U.S. Additionally, some games have gotten a "Credits" section added, such as Tecmo's Deception and Baku Baku Animal (for Game Gear). Finally, we investigated the town of Newcam in Rapurasu no Ma for the SNES/SFC. This more or less completes this update and we want to thank everyone for being so understanding.

We hope to see you soon.

Posted By: Bel Cain The Eternal

Pieces -September 15th, 2007-

Greetings. It's been nearly two weeks since the last update on GS, but it's for a pretty good reason this time. As some of you are aware, we just recently passed another greivous day in history...another year and another time that reminded many of September 11th. I was working that day, but I donated some cash to those in mourning while my brother attended a memorial service for the dearly departed. I'm not the type who likes to take skeletons out of one's closet, so I'll leave it at that.

In any event, the site has undergone some fairly extensive modifications, some such as the new homepage motif being pretty obvious (as well as two out-of-place sprites...can you tell which ones?). October is right around the corner and we're getting the site decorated a little early. Most businesses have already started and since there's a "Christmas in July", I don't see why Halloween can't start in the middle of September. Vtd added extra images to all the reviews in the Game Boy section and uploaded a few more vids on youtube for Slamscape and Mort the Chicken. I've also been doing a little work of my own, such as making the banner, doing a few Japanese-to-English translations, a couple of reviews and aiding in the development of GS' newest feature, extra tidbits.

The extra tidbits section is without a doubt, the third most laborous thing I can think of this site implementing (aside from making System FAQs and Game FAQs). Right now, it is only implemented in one review, but it will reach plenty of other reviews soon enough and will give people additional insight into games that they may have never known existed. I dig the concept, but it may finally prove to be more than me and Vtd can handle. At any rate, we've reviewed a couple of oddballs. For Sega CD, we've piloted the Aggressor in Core's Soulstar and played with the TOI system in Puggsy. For SNES, we've layed out the red carpet for Pieces (the first to contain extra tidbits, it also added an extra code in the codes section), praised Neverland's Japan-only gem Energy Breaker, and got an early start on the freakish titles to set the mood for October with Yuu Yuu Hakusho Tokubetsu Hen. We hope you get a kick out of all these renovations because there will only be more on the way. On that note, we've already got a slew of darker and more mature themed games on the horizon. Until next time, keep checking back with us. You never know what you'll find. I'm out.

Posted By: Bel Cain The Eternal

Akumajou Special FC -September 3rd, 2007-

Wow...it's been over two weeks now...and we regrettably don't have much to offer in this update, but we're back. We've uploaded a couple of youtube videos for games like Slamscape, Gundam Battle Assault 2 and Astro Trooper Vanark. The Slamscape videos were particularly difficult to grab...it took about 4 days of attempts to finally get one of those Slamscape videos (which features a band who used to play on MTV, "God Lives Underwater")! As you can see, we are further experimenting with the design and making little modifications here and there, though we still have a little more work before we get it to where we'd want it to be. It takes a while simply because we hand-code the site ourselves as opposed to using one of the pre-designed templates available out there. While they are great, I think our personal touch makes the site a little more unique.

The real reason we don't have a lot in this update is because of many personal issues...though they are starting to finally settle down. I'd go into more detail but some things are better left unsaid. However, we did squeeze in enough time to take a look at some of the little people in games...because big things can occasionally come in small packages. We made some reviews for Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-Kun, Super Ninja Kun and a couple of NINJA BOY games in U.S. territories (Which consist of Little Ninja Brothers and Super Ninja Boy with the Game Boy Ninja Boy games to follow suit in the future). I also have a notice for you all.

As many are aware, GameFAQs has begun accepting images from nearly out of the blue. As a result, countless images are being taken from sites all over the place and people are taking credit for scans and screenshots they didn't do. This doesn't particularly bother me (as some of my rare/hard to acquire game scans have already been taken), but let it be known that everything in the GS scans section is GS property and is authentic to the best of our ability. You won't be able to ask 80% of the image contributors on GameFAQs for a legit scan of page 9 of Super Real Mahjong P.V for the PC-FX as well as for many other obscure games. I don't want people thinking that I took my scans from GameFAQs when it is actually the other way around. If it isn't scanned up by me or my bro. (or something sent as a legit contribution), I don't put it with the scans section of my site. That would imply that I (or my bro) scanned that up ourselves and that it is ours. I do understand that images will always be used for one thing or another, but I won't take a scan of SD Hiryu No Ken and put it in my scans section because it isn't mine (I own it cart only) so how can someone take someone else's stuff and pass it as their own? Sites like VGM (Video Game Museum) is having a particularly hard time on this whole matter.

We finally got a few pics of our collection! They don't really capture much of anything, but they will be good to have until I finally get my own digital camera (and you get to see our ugly mugs...woot!). Additionally, the About Me page has been edited. We added a little more info at the bottom regarding our contact information. I also have a secondary computer now, which is MUCH more powerful than the one I'm using now for the site. I'll probably attempt to use more powerful emulators that I couldn't use with this CPU to expand the site more or get a camera to capture vids and other stuff...either way, I'd like to think the site can only go up from here. We've also laid out some ground work for our "Halloween" banner motif...don't be surprised if you see another silly banner throughout mid September or early October! Lastly, we had to update the older news in accordance to the new site modifications and site wide maintenance.. We apologize for this fairly lousy update, but we're trying to get back in full swing. Oh yeah, and we've been around for over half a year now...time sure does fly!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

RwKnK2 -August 14th, 2007-

So...we meet again. That is GOOD news, primarily because I've gotten a number of things done (this update features LINK HELL). I'd like to start by saying that my bro. has officially hopped on the GS bandwagon. Originally, he helped me with the site layout, hand-coding, proofreading, etc., but now he's here to stay. He's taken up residence on the GS forums (under the name "Bel Cain The Eternal", which he used simply because Elemental Gearbolt was one of the last games he saw me playing) and is now submitting some other things for the site. One such addition is the use of .gifs with transparency effects. He's still working on other stuff as we speak. This is all good because updates will have a little more "meat" to them now that it's being maintained by the two of us, though we can truly get some serious work done when we have two separate PCs. Hooray!!

We've got nine new reviews. For SNES, we've blasted "The Machine" in the awesome Super Turrican and Super Turrican 2, not to mention we bashed some skulls in a modest and lesser known beat-em-up, Stone Protectors. For the beloved Genesis, we've put up some nonsense regarding Syd of Valis, which is likely to be the black sheep of the Valis series...and we take a look at one of Sega's more violent Japan-only releases, Dahna Megami Tanjou. Next, we've gone and expanded the ol' NES section a little with two fun titles: Fire 'N Ice plus Thunder & Lightning. We certainly played with the elements with those two! Lastly, we got two more reviews for Playstation. They include Kartia: The Word Of Fate...and a long awaited look at Romance wa Ken no Kagayaki II. RWKNKII was originally a game on Japanese PCs back in 1999, but PS oddly got a version of this game near the end of its life in 2002. Both versions are fairly different as far as presentation and play mechanics.

That's not all everybody...the General Gaming Interests section has been revamped and reorganized, and I've slapped a Super Mario RPG comic (with numerous segments) in there for good measure as well as a link to a Stone Protectors cartoon intro (uploaded by TokenBlackguy). The comic was submitted by a good fellow known as duderdude3. We also have more "Other News", featuring another spot that I occasionally get games from. The reviews have the added feature of "extra images", in case you can't get enough...this process is being implemented on older reviews as well. The final addition to this update made me grin...I was accepted by Japan Game Stock, one of the leading sites for old/retro Japanese videogames. If you go there, you'll see a GS banner at the bottom of pretty much every page. That's pretty sweet if you ask me. Well, that's it for now, but rest assured, this isn't the last update you'll see. Until next time.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

SaGa Frontier -August 5th, 2007-

Sup everybody. There isn't much in this update unfortunately. I can tell you it's because I wanted a little "me" time, but in the typical Gaming Sanctuary fashion, not all is lost. I've been experimenting with some new things and looking at the site through various resolutions, and I saw some things I didn't particularly like. To avoid this as much as possible, I've done a few modifications to the site. I think it looks better, though I'm still experimenting with a few things. My brother is actually about to mess with the forums in a little while to "upgrade" it as he puts it. He just said he's changing the rules, which is fine I suppose. I'm still organizing info, and the collection section hasn't been updated in a little while. My bro wants to change that to the "Room of Doom" section. I've finally gotten a few screens (from my OLDER brother), so I'm just waiting for him to send those so I can put those in there. He visited me from New York...I hadn't seen him for a long time. We didn't talk much, but it was pretty sweet.

Are you guys still confused about my whole "bro" bit? Well, it's creepy to some, but I have a twin brother, just so you know. Then I have two older brothers...who are also twins. Yeah...it's a little crazy like that. Wish you were a twin? Don't...it's not as cool as you think it might be. It's got nothing to do with my bros., but it needs to be said.

I've just got three new reviews today. They are all for Playstation, which consists of SaGa Frontier 1 & 2, and the excellent Elemental Gearbolt (Which also has nine movies in the General Gaming Interest Section), which is one of the most engaging on-rails shooters I've ever played on a console. I'm trying to stray from Super Famicom right now and work on some other stuff (though it's pretty hard to do with a system that great). If you haven't noticed already, I've been reminded to change the reviews into LINKS, so I did. I don't have anything written in stone that needs to be done right now, so the next update will probably be pretty spontaneous, like the majority of other updates. I can say that it's August, which means I need to start working on some more seasonal themes for the site. I also need to look into doing write-ups on "particular" games, such as Romance wa Ken no Kagayaki II. Other than that, I leave the rest up to your imagination.

Posted By: Bel Cain The Eternal

Sonic Blast Man -July 25th, 2007-

Welcome back everyone...to the ramblings of crazed gamers. Lots of news today. I bring with me more news of the site today. If it isn't my flamboyant use of soliloquies and contractions in the reviews or my nitpicky attention to detail when it comes to archiving information, you can bet I've got other things stashed up my sleeves...but I digress with the intellectual chatter. There is a time and place for such things, but this is not one of those places. This little zone on the net is where fun should have the most precedence! All I ask of you here is to just to relax and take a load off. Is it so easy a caveman can do it? I'd like to think so.

This update doesn't have a lot of new material, rather, I've been further organizing data and putting it where it belongs. I don't want all of my pertinent info to just run along one primary page and I've started to amass more material where further organization is necessary. As usual, I've also been going back and proofreading things. You'd think that doing it once or twice would be enough, but you can still find many errors on sites with numerous vigilant individuals, so I check things on regular intervals. After all, a spell checker can't spot all of our problems and contractions aside, I'm pretty paranoid about running across obvious errors in my work.

We've got some more scans as usual. A lot of them are just larger scans of some game review scans. The Scan section has been completely organized and I will soon do the same with the General Gaming Interest. Should you wish to use the scans and scale them however you like, that's fine (not the more blurry ones I didn't scan myself, they aren't in the game scans section). I would like it if you gave credit for them. That's one thing I actually am pretty good with...giving credit where credit is due. Hosting links to many admirable sites or dedicating an entire section to an ever-growing contributor database (not just the most prolific or exceptional, but EVERYONE) shouldn't be optional...it should be the standard. Eventually, the contributors section will have to be condensed, but for the time being, I'd like people to be aware of the people who helped this site...which brings me to another change: Tags and Banners.

While the myriad changes to the site are always great, the biggest change in this update is perhaps the welcome to "my" gaming sanctuary to "the" change. It might not seem like much to you, but it means a lot to me. The info, suggestions, and many other things on this site is based on the input I receive from others. It is unfair to label this as "my" sanctuary. It's something that I hope everyone can share, and since this site attempts to delve into the most profound depths of what some would call "game preservation" with the manual scans, illustrations, and other things, it's only proper that you can also take part in this task in one shape or another...and it seems I've unintentionally reverted back to my slightly more philosophical ways. I ask for your forgiveness in advance...a lot has been on my mind.

I have five new reviews. I'll just say they're for the SNES Sonic Blast Man games (1 & 2) and three "Other" games: Wire Robo, Neko Bouraku, and Pulse Blade. There are also movies for Kartia: The Word Of Fate (Playstation) and a movie for Wire Robo. I still have more archiving to do and I'm contemplating form controls but don't know where to put them. I have contributed two more pieces of Original Art as well. Sign the guestbook and let me know what you think. More later everybody.

Posted By: Bel Cain The Eternal

Pocky & Rocky -July 17th, 2007-

So...the festivities have died down. I went to a couple of night clubs (naturally) to celebrate the occasion, got me some cake and chilled for a good week away from the workplace. I don't feel any different, but then again, I'm unaffected by most matters anyway. Now, it's back to business as usual. I took advantage of some of my downtime from the workplace to spruce up the site! There are a number of new things in this update. For starters, I'd like to praise the site on making its 100th review. Not bad considering everything else that was being done to the site in the meantime, though this site is admittedly nothing without the input of my friends and fans! It seems like only yesterday...the time I was considering actually seriously getting this site started. I would probably still be thinking about it instead of doing it if it wasn't for all the support from people over the years. Let's take a moment to thank everyone who's involved with this site, the contributors, family and friends.


In this update, I've been granted with express permission from the great Martin Hagwall to host a link to "Rawest Forest", one of the greatest tributes to Super Mario RPG on the planet. If you haven't seen it yet, you may have been living under a rock. No, I kid once more. I didn't know about it myself not too long ago. Besides the animation from Newgrounds (from Kirbopher15), I've also put up a couple of vids on youtube from Kensei: Sacred Fist and Hello Kitty: Cube Frenzy. Speaking of those two games, they also have write-ups! Here's the usual list of new reviews:

Blue Breaker Burst: Bishou o Anata to (Playstation. Japanese)
Hello Kitty: Cube Frenzy (Playstation)
Kensei: Sacred Fist (Playstation)
Flink (Sega CD. This is the first SCD review on GS!)
Packy & Marlon (SNES. The first "Edutainment" review on GS!)
Pocky & Rocky (SNES)
Pocky & Rocky 2 (SNES)
Seifuku Densetsu: Pretty Fighter (SNES/SFC. Japanese)
Wild Guns (SNES)

I've also got some "Other" News, and I've made proper links to RHDN and Skytopia, just because they're so great. I hope I can garner THAT much praise someday. I'll be making some small changes throughout tonight and the next couple of days. They won't be announced due to their significance, but rest assured, it's one more step towards making the site better. I have a couple of things planned for the next site update, though I'll spend the majority of the time probably making some new game scans. I also need to check with a close friend of mine later in the week regarding a digital camera. I could certainly spread the site out a lot more if I had one...anyway, until next time, this is Vtd.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Pocket King -July 9th, 2007-

Yo! I'm gonna party like it's my birthday! Well, that's probably because it is! Happy birthday to me! Anyway, enough self-gratification, while I'm glad to finally be legal, there's some talk of some pretty grey things in this update. Primarily, I've discussed a matter of gaming ethics in the Other News. It has some people already up in arms (due to a prior discussion to this update) and I've decided to experiment with the new feature, the Guestbook, for just this reason. It will allow people who wish to remain anonymous to view things on the site, make commentary, and share their feelings about certain matters. I'd really like people to share what they think about the "Other News", but you can talk about pretty much anything you want. Up until now, I've received nothing but positive feedback so if you sign the guestbook, I need you to be honest. I don't know how long I actually intend to use the feature.

Besides the news, I have numerous other updates. I would first like to extend a debt of gratitude to a member of GameFAQs by the name of Cyllya. She has allowed me to host some of her art for the obscure title "Pocket King", a game I've also been meaning to cover for a while now. She has some nice fan work and a couple of interesting websites, including a site which talks about the "Tales Of" games (Tales of Phantasia, Destiny, etc.). You should check out her main site, Artificial Eloquence, when you get the time. She also has a translation guide of Pocket King available on GameFAQs, which can come in handy too.

Lastly, I have seven new reviews:

Pocket King (Game Boy Color. Japanese)
Wonder Boy In Monster World (Genesis/Megadrive)
Saiyuki: Journey West (Playstation)
Ace wo Nerae (SNES/SFC. Japanese)
Caravan Shooting Collection (SNES/SFC. Japanese)
Melfand Stories (SNES/SFC. Japanese)
Secret of Mana (SNES/SFC)

While these reviews are fairly neat in and of themselves, I need to bring your attention to Caravan Shooting Collection in particular. Because it has multiple games within the game, it was done in a special way. It marks this site's first "compilation" review, which breaks each game down within it. It has box scans of both U.S. and Japanese games, as well as captions and covers three games: Star Force, Star Soldier, and Hector '87. There is also some background information pertaining to Caravan Shooting Collection in and of itself. It should prove to be an interesting read. Well, that's it for now everybody. I'd love to stay, but I have a party to attend and I need to do a couple of things beforehand. If you'll excuse me *Vyse tips his top hat*, I bid you adieu.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Elemental Master -July 4th, 2007-

Hola amigos! I hope you're having a good 4th of July. If not, I hope things will get better. I meant to update the site a little more, but I was whisked away to actually help another make their own website. I am making an information and advertising site for my aunt. However, everything should be good now. All the reviews are 100% caught up and there was a HUGE site wide clean as far as text, layout, etc. The "Original Art" and "Game and Fan Art" sections have been redone and more information has been added on "Contributing To The Site". The advice section has been changed a little too (No actual new text though) I am also trying to expand the site so that the site is easily available. I have begun to insert META tags into the code and once it is all done, I will be sending out URLs to many search engines abroad. I didn't do this originally because I didn't think this site would take off so quickly. Now I gotta pick up my slack a little more. As far as game content, I have three new reviews:

Choujikuu Yousai Macross - Scrambled Valkyrie (SNES/SFC. Japanese)
Elemental Master (Genesis/Megadrive)
Shin Kidou Senki Gundam W - Endless Duel (SNES/SFC. Japanese)

I have some awesome things planned for the next update, but as usual, you won't know what it is until it gets here! However, my crystal ball predicts that the next update will be on THE 9th...I wonder why that is? Something in particular going down on the 9th? How should I know!? Take care everyone, and I'll see you soon if you aren't on the forums!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Great Greed -June 24th, 2007-

Welcome back everyone! It might seem like I've been out of commission for a while now, but that's because I've been working on a massive update. However, there is both good news and bad news. First, let's talk about the bad news. The bad news is that this update was so large that I could not finish it all like I intended. It's just too much work for me and my bro. (the only other webmaster of sorts for this site, who likes to remain pretty anonymous) to do. We worked tirelessly the past two weeks, burning the midnight oil many times in the process to get this update done in its entirety, but to no avail. If I had to guess, I'd say we're roughly 90% done, but that's still not 100%. Still, we've decided we can't prolong this update any longer, so we're giving you what we've got. We'll just have to finish up the rest as we go.

Now, what's the good news? I've done my final major revision of the review section. Most of the reviews have added content and a spruced up layout (this is what I've been working on for so long). In addition, you'll get a little more flexibility in terms of how you can navigate the site, numerous new scans, illustrations and captions, as well as a new addition to the site, Videos. Videos...whazzat? Well, I've started uploading several videos which can be found either in the General Gaming Interests Section or in the FAQs of particular games. Right now it's not too much...about 150 MB of video, but it's a start, and it will take this site towards greener pastures...I hope. The videos I've uploaded are for a little known game called Purumui Purumui, which also has an FAQ in the works. Hooray!

Lastly, I only have a new review for Great Greed (Game Boy), although you may want to read most of the old ones too...as some of them are generally brand new reviews and the others have a new look and feel to them...not to mention that you may find some of the captions hilarious. Thanks for sticking around folks, and be sure to check in again!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Gokinjo Boukentai -June 10th, 2007-

Hello all! A big update today. First, I have fixed MANY unforeseen things such as the code, page captions, etc. All reviews as of now also have slightly expanded content and the structure is a little neater for them. Major proofreading throughout the entire site and .gifs have been spread across all pages. No page should have the same .gif twice. They are also spread out in a way to optimize speed. You will also notice that the links are all gone. No problem! They are at the top of nearly every page now in their own dedicated "Links" section. You may also have noticed something pertaining to ADULT CONTENT! OH NOES!! OH MY! *Gasp*

Don't get too excited and/or disappointed. If you just take one minute to read it, all will become clear. Even if you don't decide you want to read it, it will prompt you should you decide you want to click on a game that contains adult content (Nudity, Extreme Violence, Extreme Profanity, etc.). You knew it was coming...I can't help but talk about any games possible and as you may be aware, console adult titles usually don't have much in the way of information. At the same time, there IS a market for those games. I will try not to leave anyone out. If there is any crude imagery at all, I will censor it.

There are more Q & As about me, more general interests, videogame scans and news. And of course, there are more reviews:

Mendel Palace (NES)
Operation Logic Bomb (SNES)
Great Battle III, The (SNES. Japanese)
Gokinjo Boukentai (SNES. Japanese)
Space Megaforce (SNES)
SM Choukyoushi Hitomi: Volume 2 Remix (SNES. Japanese. Adult)

Finally, I have more modern stuff...sorta. A new section, Playstation, is available. My original idea was to do both Playstation and Sega Saturn reviews at the same time, but none of the emulators for Saturn work on my computer. The only one that even boots up, Satourne, will not go beyond title screens and moves at a crippling 3-4FPS (I tried it with the BIOS and Magical School Lunar, as a test)! PSXeven, allows me to put Playstation games I already own into the computer (Satourne does as well, but does not work) and it seems to be working very well. I am able to gather high quality screen captures that are also very small to boot. The Playstation section will be unveiled with four reviews:

Lightning Legend (Japanese)
Toshinden 4 (European/PAL Version)
Purumui Purumui (Japanese)

Well, other than a few word changes (No more full reviews or mini-reviews. Just reviews) and a load of other extremely technical stuff, that's it for this exciting update. More later!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

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