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Rejoice SFC -March 17th, 2007-

It pains me to say this, but I could not keep my promise to update the site according to what has been stated on the 13th. My scanner broke (AGAIN!!!! ARGH!!) and I couldn't scan up the needed game banners to compliment my Atari 5200, Atari 7800, and Dreamcast Collection. However, since I had already scanned Zelda's Adventure for the CD-i a while back, I have posted up the Philips CD-i collection for viewing. There is also more other news to view as I celebrate Gunpei Yokoi, one of the most legendary men who ever worked for Nintendo. I have also posted more mini-reviews for the SNES. Call it a "Yanoman" tribute if you will. The reviews are for the entire SNES Aretha series (Aretha, Aretha 2, and Rejoice).

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Magical Taruruto MD -March 13th, 2007-

What do we have today? Well, I've been working on uploading more parts of my collection. The next ones to be up in the next update are Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Philips CD-i (or CD-I) and Dreamcast. More importantly however, is that I've made some more mini-reviews. For SNES, I have three more Japanese games (Ancient Magic, Lady Stalker and Ruin Arm) as well as Congo's Caper. For Genesis, I've also added Blue Almanac, Bubble and Squeak, Magical Taruruuto-kun and Yuu Yuu Hakusho Gaiden (All of which are Japanese except for B&S). I've been pretty busy the past couple of days and I hope I'll be able to stay on top of these updates. I want to concentrate on getting some kind of material into the last two sections by the end of the week, as well as some more news.

Ah yes...and I'd like to plug my best friend in with this update. I could tell you his real name, but then I'd probably have to smite you. He goes by many things on the net, but you may call him C-Live the Entertainer. If you haven't figured it out, he's a performer, and a good one at that. If there happens to be any rich businessmen (or women) and scouts peeking through this site, you should inquire about him...I'd be happy to vouch for his skills at telling jokes and dancing. My man has got a bright future ahead, and it's hard work, but so are a lot of things. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys today's updates.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Ahriman's Prophecy -March 11th, 2007-

More updates today! Added a new section to the review archive: Genesis. To compliment that section, I put in a review for the obscure puzzle game "MegaPanel". In the SNES section, there is a new review for an RPG "Last Bible III". In the "Other" section, there is a new RPG game "Ahriman's Prophecy". You can view older news at the link at the end of the current news in the link below. Also, added more contributors to the list and did some modifications to make the site more multi-browser friendly. More updates to come!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Update Time -March 9th, 2007-

Thought I'd stop in a week's time, did you? HA! You're wrong. The Original Art Section is up and running now, though I haven't scanned any of my good stuff (there is stuff in the section, but it isn't really cool. Just really quick things I drew to set up the section.) There are also more reviews up and a new section for self-made or other (PC and Doujin) games. You should check out the two games in that section: Tumiki Fighters and Warning Forever. There is also another tasty piece of nonsensical nonsense in my other news. Also, for those who may have noticed, the color bug in the Mahou Kishi Rayearth guide has been fixed. I will also allow those who prefer the old text versions of guides to view my text version. I have added a Contributors section as well as an "advice" section. The Contributor section is for the faithful members of what I like to call the "SNES Collective" as well as contributors abroad. The advice section is to give tips for a particular genre of game. Suppose you are having trouble in an RPG. What should you do? Try raising your level...that kind of advice. The advice section is the idea of a cool member of GameFAQs known as XtremeDragoon. I've also inserted links to other promising sites, you know, in case you get sick of this one. More reviews, news, and other spicy tidbits to come everybody!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Update Time -March 5th, 2007-

Over the course of yesterday, March 4th, I've been working on one of the site's more crucial updates. Besides slowly tweaking all the currently existing pages (for instance, Lilith has been swapped with Sonic who was next to the date so Sonic can face-off with Shadow at the bottom), I've uploaded two more sections to the site, Game Guides and, more importantly, System FAQs. As to be expected, I don't really have anything in the Game Guides section right now, but I've uploaded the ENTIRE SNES FAQ, which was a painstaking job due to the alterations and attention to detail I had to make. You can click to any section of the FAQ you want right from the "Table of Contents" and you even have a "Back to Top" link. Also, every single website reference mentioned there has been turned into a link, so you don't even have to copy it and put it into the address bar. I hope it proves to be more user friendly for everyone.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Update Time -March 2nd, 2007-

It's March everybody...and you know what that means...oh yeah baby. It's "March Madness" up in this piece! It's a fresh new month and another month that should be littered with frequent updates, in one form or another. In an ongoing effort to spread info about old & new school gaming across the web, I will take a moment to tell you about an ambitious site, RVGFANATIC. It's hosted by a great guy named Steven (Kikko on GameFAQs) whose passion for old games rivals even the most die-hard gaming nuts. Currently, his site focuses mainly on Saturn and SNES games, but there are other interesting things there such as old magazine coverage, polls, and a different angle of creative writing from my own. If you haven't been there yet, go now. Like my site, it is still clearly in the development stages, but good things come to those who wait. Additionally, I'll plug in another fellow GameFAQs members site, Ikermel's VIDEO GAME DEN. Why? Because it's great. Capish? Lastly, Hardcore Gaming 101 (HG101) has articles on some pretty strange games, and it also has a message forum (where I also hang at now) with some very knowledgeable people.

For those who haven't noticed yet, the Q&A section is now up and fully operational, and I've also added a little to the "My Collection" section, though it honestly will be a bit barren for a while. The only lists that are up right now are the 32X and 3DO collections. What's really on the agenda for this week? Reviews, FAQs, and Game Scans. While I'll be updating the other pages accordingly, the aforementioned is what I'm focusing on. I'm also plugging in the data for the Other Game-Related Sites section. I want to take the time to thank all the people I got my animated gif. files from. I doubt I could make most of them, lol. By the way, use the gifs any way you want, but give credit where credit is due and don't link them from this site if you're going to use them as an avatar in a message forum. Save them and upload it into imageshack or something. All the other neat site links will be at the bottom, among other things. Well, that's it for this post. I'll drop a dime a little later in the week to let you know how things are going.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Official Gaming Sanctuary Start -February 27th, 2007-

Greetings all! This is Vyse the determined (My name is a like a title huh?) posting. This is the launch of my own self-made site. My code is acting unusual, so I had to put my links under each of the title logos, although I don't see that as being too much of a problem for now. To tell the truth, I'm a rookie at this stuff and their was a lot of ground I had to cover that I didn't even cover during my college courses to make this all happen. Hopefully, this site will get better with time, as my knowledge increases and I actually start reading books without pictures on more of a daily basis (Not just in order to survive anymore folks!) The only working page is the home page for now. Sorry!

This site was created from the fascination that is gaming. I love to talk about all games, especially the obscure and unknown. Known as a true pioneer in the search for quality amongst games no one has heard of or is too afraid to try, my objective is to bring light in the gaming wasteland where there is only darkness. I will talk about pretty much any game though. In my attempt to do such a ridiculous feat, I want to play as many gaming systems as possible. So without further ado...

I'm proud to announce the official start of Gaming Sanctuary!

*Vyse grabs a chair and popcorn*

This one book I have covers virtually everything about code, including making forms that other viewers can send me info through to even possibly creating a forum system here. However, due to technology constraints, I don't want to make anything of that caliber yet. Till then, I will set up an email account in which you can send me info if you want to make a contribution to a gaming platform, or sumbit some wacky creative stuff. Bring it on...after all, I'm a guy who loves creative art and music. Oh, and the name of the book? It's called "Web Publishing with HTML and XHTML". It's a Pearson Education book. Try finding it in a library or something. Good read.

This is my sanctuary and in my sanctuary, everyone should clear their minds of all the pointless things that push you over the edge. You failing in school? Pull your grades up. You out of money? Get a job. Your girlfriend dumped you? Quit whining and get another one. Check up some cool info here and GET YOUR GAME ON! The site should be easy enough to browse and enjoy some cool backgrounds and navigation.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

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