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Twinkle Tale -June 2nd, 2007-

This is a relatively small update due to my busy routine as of late. There are a couple of new box scans as well as some new items in the "General Gaming Interests" in the Game Info Archive. There are also new banners to accompany those sections. As far as reviews, there are two new reviews for the site. In the "Other" section, I have a review for a game called Endless Online. For the Genesis, we take a look at Twinkle Tale, one of the finest games on the Genesis that few have ever heard of. I feel it was lost in the sands of time due to games like Alien Soldier, Contra, and other rave titles, but it's a great game. My next project is to do a site-wide clean up of sorts.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Samurai Kid -May 20th, 2007-

Hello all! There have been many problems on my end. I also lost the internet for several days due to a problem with my connection. I now have DSL using an Ethernet cable. This is fantastic news! Why? I have access to all the site resources I may need at any given time, not just late at night. Downloads are also very fast, so I can even talk about arcade games I may have played or Neo Geo, Sega CD, and all that stuff. However, those aren't really important to me right now. It's been a while and this is yet another small update. *sigh*

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Battle Golfer Yui -May 12th, 2007-

Hello all! Due to events happening to me on my end (most beyond my control), updates have been SLOW. I have no "Other News"...Well, I do have some, but I won't be able to talk about it in this update due to a lack of time. I also wanted to talk about four Genesis games instead of three, but unfortunately, time does not allow me to do so. I apologize. It's not just my time here, but my time online in general has been nearly nonexistant. I hope to change this in the coming days. I have a day off from work tommorrow, so I will focus on the site for the entire day. I will also finish "Arrow Flash", which was intended to be done a couple of days ago along with all the other Genesis reviews. I'm actually quite disappointed with myself due to the lack of progress.

Anyway, for Genesis, I have submitted the following: Battle Golfer Yui, King Colossus, and Star Cruiser...and yes, there will DEFINITELY be more later.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

G.O.D. -May 5th, 2007-

Hello all! Happy Cinco De Mayo for all who celebrate it. I'm doing some celebrating of my own right now. First, this is a MAJOR update. I've updated my current collection, fixed numerous errors and bugs, changed some design preferences. I got rid of the "individual" collection pages. Sorry guys, but there really was no point in having it. My original idea was to update the collection pages by having you click a game to see what it looks like, but since I have the "Game Scans" section, you will eventually be able to do this regardless. Not only will you see the game, you will see the manual, box front and back, and other things that come with it...provided I can show all the items that come with it.

The obvious difference to the site is that you will see things labeled "Forums" and "Site Guidelines" and such...........WHAT!? Forums!? Well yeah. I feel a little lame, but I used a proboard. Me and fellow GameFAQs member XtremeDragoon having been talking about it for a little bit, and I decided to go with it. I don't feel lame because it's a proboard or anything. On the contrary, you get an (At least I think so) unprecedented level of customization for a free message board. It's phenomenal...

I feel bad because HG101 also uses a proboard (from proboards.com) and I don't want it to seem like I'm trying to take traffic away from them. That's definitely not my intention. HG101 is a good forum and it should stay that way. If you pass by the forums, check out the poll I have set up in "The Lounge". Participate if you can because while my hits have been superb (too good for me actually), I want to know if it's in the good way or the bad. I need feedback. So long as the site stays popular, I'll keep on dishin' out the goods! Basically, I just want more interactivity on the site and a board is a good way to do it. I hope the forums work for us all.

Enough of that though. I have five mini-reviews in today's update. For SNES, I have Gan Gan Ganchan, G.O.D., Libble Rabble, and Madoh Monogatari. For Genesis, I have a review for Traysia. More later!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Space-Net: Cosmo Blue -April 30th, 2007-

Hello again! Just a few more updates. There is some "Other News" that I really want people to check out. I also noticed that some of the game scans weren't showing. I apologize for that. They all should be up and viewable now. There are three more mini-reviews today: For Genesis, I have Chiki Chiki Boys and Wings of Wor. For the Game Boy Color, I have Space-Net: Cosmo Blue. Changed the "My Collection" section as well. It's kinda self-explanatory, but you can see it for yourself if you click it. I'm fixing more things here...doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. More later!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Firestriker -April 28th, 2007-

Welcome back! There isn't much in terms of monumental site progress in this update, but I did do a lot of work over the past few days. One new change is, if you haven't noticed it yet, a new banner for the homepage! That is one of five banner upgrades for the site. The others are the "My Collection" page (a cleaner, enhanced version of the same banner), a Gameboy banner for the GB review section, a NES banner and a banner for the "Advice section". I think they're all pretty neat and I intend to revise a few more of my design preferences in the future. Speaking of design preferences, that's the reason I got rid of the notice below the banner and the hit counter. The notice was pretty impractical and the hit counter was just another graphic my page had to load, not to mention some people consider hit counters to be pretty amateur. I can't say I exactly agree, but that's why most sites do keep statistics...

Anyway, back to the reviews: I have three write-ups. They are Mujin Shima Monogatari and Firestriker for the SNES, and a new section for the site, NES, debuting with a look at "Adventures in the Magic Kingdom". I also have some partially done work on reserve that I gotta finish up, but you won't know what it is till it gets here. That's all for now folks, and be sure to come again!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Update Time -April 22nd, 2007-

Another update today. No reviews this time because I wanted to update some other sections. There are several new scans in the "Videogame Scans" section, some "Other" news, and some advice in the "Advice" section. Also, if you want to see my whole collection (text based), you will find a new link called "Original Collection Page" in the "My Collection" section. The list will be updated on a weekly basis. If you haven't noticed by now, there is a hit counter on the bottom of the page that has been adding hits for this page. It's been a bit off, but hopefully, this update will fix it. More later!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Battle Tycoon -April 16th, 2007-

Hello again! There are a number of updates today. First, there is "Other News" and it makes mention of a site called Crunchyroll. Lots of cool videos and stuff there so check it out. Next, if you look at the bottom of the page, there are more links to other sites. As time passes, I will be adding more links down there as well. Jisho.org is listed in the SNES FAQ, but I have it set as my homepage, so I thought I'd mention it again. It IS really awesome. There is also a link for a site called "Icy Brian". I never was a contributing member to the site, but I would always look at the great stuff on that site ever since it was first made around 1997 or so. Needless to say, I was a kid then, but I found lots of inspiration from the RPG fanart section from his site.

Eight more reviews today. For SNES: Battle Tycoon, Popful Mail, RPG Tsukuru 2, SD Hiryu no Ken, Suguro Quest++, Super Mario World, and Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island. For Genesis (Just one): Vixen 357. Sometime in the near future, I want to work on upgrading other sections a bit more. The next "Other News" will feature an unusual Game Gear pirate cart "Supreme Gear 19 in 1" that is said to be scarce and the odd games that are contained within it. Just something to think about. Till next time!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Koto Battle -April 11th, 2007-

It's been a while what with all the stuff happening with my hosting account and all. In this update, there is some new "Other News", and enhanced (though not extended) Mahou Kishi Rayearth FAQ, and three mini-reviews. For SNES, I have mini-reviews for On The Ball and Jim Power. A new section has been added: Game Boy (GBC)...and in it is a mini-review for ALPHADREAM's superb RPG, Koto Battle. More later!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

SD Hiryu -April 5th, 2007-

Finally got this site back up again! The whole FTP thing wasn't working and I complained, apologized, and got frustrated all at the same time. However, I understand how the FTP client works now, which is good and knowledge is POWER! I don't have much, but I was able to upload a complete FAQ: SD Hiryu no Ken as well as an SNES mini-review for Dragon View. More things to come!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

April Fools -April 1st, 2007-

If you were directed from the geocities link to this page, I basically played an April Fools joke. Otherwise, I went and changed my account to Godaddy so I could have much more space and bandwidth. I am currently waiting for my grace period to expire so that I can upload my content to a new server.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Mario -March 31st, 2007-

It's been a while! I have been working CONSTANTLY on this site every little chance that I had. Whether it was on a lunch break or some other event, I found time to work on the site. I have no mini-reviews in this update, but I have done plenty of other things. For starters, as you can see, the site layout looks different. This makes text and the like focused closer towards the center of the screen for easier reading. I have also uploaded the Atari 5200, Atari 7800, and Colecovision collections as well. I am currently working on a huge project in the "Game Guides" section which is part of the reason updates have been slower. When you see it, you'll love it.

I have also added more to the "Original Art" section. The "Game Art and Fanart" section, which is the last one, is finally available. With that being said, I would like to thank a contributor known as Ricardo. I work with him at my job and he showed me his artwork from his High School days. Intrigued, I asked if I could borrow his work. When I told him I had a site, he let me have all of his work. It's some good stuff. I finally have a day off from work, so you should see more updates soon. Ciao!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Update Time -March 24th, 2007-

Greetings! Not much to say right now. I want to make more news visible on the homepage before making it older news. Did a site-wide sweep and did a lot of proofreading. When you get as busy as me, you tend to rush things and this caused a lot of errors on my behalf. Sorry. Still, as long as you can understand what's being said, it's all good. ANYWAY, there is GOOD news! I bought yet ANOTHER scanner (one that actually works!). Due to how late it is and how long it took to get the scanner operational (uninstalling previous drivers, cleaning databases, downloading compatible drivers, etc.), I only uploaded the Dreamcast collection (As Dreamcast games were the closest things I could find). I'm too tired to upload anything else really. Had a LONG day. Well, other than text modification and the Dreamcast upload, that's it for updates. See you soon!

Posted By: Vyse the determined

Update Time -March 22nd, 2007-

Well, it seems like a while since I've updated the site huh? I've been busy working extra hours and getting myself ready to go to a career fair, but I definitely haven't forgotten about this place (though my broken scanner still leaves me a little bitter). Anyway, I'll be brief with this update. I've made a very small entry in the advice section, and I've uploaded a number of mini reviews for various platforms including Genesis, SNES, Game Gear, and WonderSwan. For the Sega Genesis, I have added Alisia Dragoon, Marko, and Subterrania. For the SNES, I've added Lupin the 3rd, Trinea, The Great Battle Gaiden 2, Nekketsu Tairiku Burning Heroes, and (my personal favorite) Tadaima Yuusha Botsuchuu Okawari. For Game Gear, I have added reviews for Baku Baku Animal and Royal Stone. For WonderSwan, I have added reviews for Makai Toushi SaGa and Wild Card. You should check em' out. I also added some more news in the other news section as well. Hopefully, it will tide everyone over for a little while. I'm currently looking into a digital camera as well, since I know a friend who can hook me up and give me a good price on one (so I can take shots of various things, like my collection). Oh well, that's all for now.

Posted By: Vyse the determined

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